Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Is love fragile thing?

Is the love really fragile? This question pinched me in my mind.

Let's see some case studies on both sides.

Favours :
1. We often ignore the mistakes of our loved ones. Then it is not weak.
2. We do care more than ourselves, in turn loving them more than ourselves. So, it will never break easily.
3. Even we apart, we do think about them. So, it is never forgettable.

1. We will give them the love, but if they are not really worth, or not valuing our love. Then the relationship breaks.
2. How long the love stands if it is one-sided?

So the love is not fragile, if it is mutual. If not, it will not stand long. So,  value the others love, to keep the relations.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Love will never die.

Inspired by Majnu movie...

I don't know wherever I go, I could find a reason to remember you. May be I still didn't forgot you.

I closed my eyes when you seeing me, as it is a sin.
I closed my heart when you near me, as it is already broken.

I was full dead when I can't own you. But I am finding you in every part of me. I am bearing your soul with my body.

These many days I am living like you, as you taught how to be.
These many people I have gained, as you taught what is love.

One fine day, you knocked me. I don't know, what I should do. Those old memories hit me bad.

As it is running, another story forming in my premises.

Some other one shared your memories, but she is bearing my soul in her body.

Now the you in me started loving me in some other one. I am seeing myself in new one, and the you in me trying to change her like you.

May be the love is getting passed through you to me and then to her. But in real, the bodies are their own bearing some other souls.

At last, the pain is shared among each other. And the real you is formed in all our souls to spread the love.

Love will never die...
My kadhal devathai.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

There are no Mr. Perfects? and Miss Perfects?

I do mistakes and we often do mistakes in life, in work. But that doesn't mean we are not skilled and not a potential person.

I want to convey to two things here.

First thing is in life, we do mistakes because we don't know how to deal with the situation, some times it lead to the bad decision. And we learn something from those mistakes and we gain the experience. And if the same situation happens in his or others life, he can handle and guide them the way to the problem.

Second thing in work, we do not think more and often not find the way to come out of the problem in the program 's logic. It is the duty of the mentor to guide them and show the solution, but it should never be spoon feeding. The real thing is we need to kick start some thing, and in the way if we have the problems, we could seek the mentor' s help, but without the even try, one should not reach them, then you will never learn anything.

And the people in the higher level, should understand the fellows, there won't be Mr. Perfects or Miss. Perfects.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Difference between my job and life

Topic -  Dont mix life and work
Inspired by -  Self

The profession test engineer is cumbersome job, of course, I fall into the same category. Our job is to find the bugs in an application. When one  want to convey the same, he/she should be careful in describing the missing gap against the requirement. As it should not never hurt them, after all it is a bug in the application designed by them, of course it happens, but it doesn't relate to inability (skill) of him. It is only misunderstanding of the requirements.

If this applies to the work life, the same should applies to the people around us too. One should not be finding defects in people. No one is perfect here. In personal life, people will follow their own beliefs and restricted to their own knowledge. And we are no-one to judge about their inability, as we don't know what they have gone through. It is always a good asset in one's in conveying without hurting them. This is the essential skill required in both the personal life and work life.

And we are the real risk finders and true speakerd, as we are the only in the team, who sees the negative side of the project or finds the risks ahead. And one should trust them instead of other teams.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Why God doesn't have any form?

I remember the phrase "God is nowhere". It all depends, how one understands the meaning of the phrase, the way they read it.

It may be God is no where
Or God is now here.

So, if he is here now, how he should be?  Whether he should have any form, no he doesn't. Because, the God should be everywhere and omni present. He shouldnt not any form and he is expanded in the whole universe.

God is now-here.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

The spread of goodness

I have started my social service since 2009. The first good thing started by joining hands with the "Orangeleaf" NGO. I am amused that this NGO run by the group of small kids which are not yet turned their age of 20. We have a plan to meet at the some orphanage by next month, but my fate thrown me to the Chennai.

Later I joined in the iVolunteer NGO in Chennai in 2012. My first involvement started with the hemophilia patients. I have collected a fine amount of money from my colleagues to fulfill their wishes. I have seen a bunch of happiness in the eyes of mother when I handed the pair of shoes to her child.

Then my present company, Tagit helped to run my own library in office and which helped me to donate the collected amount to NGO's. And it provoked so many of my colleagues to donate heartfully.

But I want to share one thing happened in the last year. That was the Diwali day celebrations in my office. We of team of 12 members won a few of competitions and prized with sum of INR 2000. And one of my team member, Kiran suri suggested that we could use this money for some social service. By the time, I am not fully involved in the social services. But he made a point that "I am the inspiration to get this idea" . I felt happy that the goodness shared has spread and effected some other lives too. Fortunately, that is the amount I used to help my colleagues who stuck during Chennai flood. And it changed my fate too.

Thanks to the Kiran suri. And my Diwali competition team.

What is real?

Whatever you sees is not real?  I am telling about the human perception on understanding others.

Some people find interesting things or adore the external things, like men do attract the external beauty, some people attract to the money, but they should understand that these never stay long and these are not real attributes of human. So, the perception we are understanding about others is really bad.

And some others misunderstand the behavior of the people. Whatever we are, come as hereditary assets from our parents and the environment we  have grown. If some one doesn't know the table manners, it will never be his mistake, because he never do it. Instead, we can educate and can turn them to the mannered person instead of having a negative feeling on them.

So, what one should understand the person and analyse the person carefully or else the real thing in him will never to be seen.

Humanity Test

When there are so many people around, we forgot the importance of some the people, may be they are not of equal status with us. But I am here to pose a list of questions to test for the humanity.

1. What is the name of your office security guard sitting in the reception?

2. Have you ever told the good morning or smile at him?

3. What is the name of your friend's mom you used to hang up in the office break?

4. To whom you will give tip in the restaurant you ate?
To the person who served? Or Who cleaned the table?

5. How many kids does have to the person who were cleaning your desks daily?

6. How much you contributed from your earnings in an year?

7. Taking 2 friends to the restaurant spending INR 1000?
Calling 10 members to your home and cook same items?
Which one you opt?

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Turning a kinley soda bottle into 3 reusable items.

After widening the thoughts on converting plastic waste into reusable items, a 1 litre kinley soda bottle could make into 3 reusable items. 

Here it is how:


Item 1 : Transparent Box 
Item 2 : Art on Plastic 
Item 3 : Plastic Seal cover(to keep provisions) 

Friday, June 24, 2016

Art on reusable items

I am an artist and also an environment lover. Every time I feel bad when someone wasting the resources. And here are my collaboration of arts with reusable items.

Art 1 : Flower-wase with glass bottle.

Art 2 : Art on glass bottle.

Art 3 : Art on plastic bottle.

Reusable items :

Item 1 : Dust collector

Item 2 : Tiny Holder(for brushes)

Item 3 : Color Lamp

Friday, June 17, 2016

Newton's Law of love

Topic -  Love
Inspired by - self

It was the time of Newton, when there was a question why the object falls on the ground. Then he thought, surely there would a force from Earth to attract the object to make to fall on the ground.

Then what defines to make them bond together. Then he came up with the Newton first Law -  Force of gravity.

As per the law, the force of attraction between the two bodies is directly proportional to the masses of their bodies and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them.
F = G( m1 * m2) /r^2

This also defines the attraction of moon and earth to bond together and also analogous to all the planets bounded within the solar system.

But for me, it also helped to find the force of attraction between the lovers.
Here we go...

Force of attraction between me and you.
F = G( m1 * m2) /r^2
F = 9.8 (60 * 58)  / 0^2
Force of attraction = Infinity
The distance between me and you is Zero, as you always stay in heart.

Hence proved.

This is what makes the lovers bond together.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Best way to select the data pack for mobile

Genre -  Commercials
Inspired by -  self thought

Do you know you are spending INR 4 to INR 8 per 1 MB of data? In calculation, for downloading a 4 MB song you are paying off a minimum of INR 16 to 32. Surprising you?

Usually people opt for a monthly data plan(28 days) which costs around 150 to 200 INR for an 1 GB data.

In simple math,

Per day cost for 2G data = 150/28 = 5.35 INR
Per day cost for 3G data = 200/228 = 7.14 INR

Literally you are spending a max of INR 7 / day.

And per day, you could use the 36 MB of data. On an average I use 30 MB of data for myself.

So while opting a data plan, have these calculations, how much you are paying per MB in a day and a keen on how much MB usually you use per day.

These two calculations will help which data plan to opt.

Respect her

Being born as a girl is the hardest thing on this earth. And it is more worse living as a girl in this dominant world.

Firstly, the bad door knocks when parents see them as a burden to their family when they were born. From the tieing ribbon to the tieing knot, every penny need to be saved for her. Some people still waits for the next born to be a boy instead of a girl.

Secondly, living around the males is another hell. Escaping from those pinching eyes, moving around them, handling a few fellows who follows, some rage out, some pour smiles, some hurts, some nasty things ahead...every move they make should be very cautious, after all they live in an unsecured world with an unsecured people.

Thirdly, a woman has got a freedom from the kitchen to the office walls. Now she is trying to reach equal heights with male. But how secure she is in working place? as the same unmatured and indecent people around with them.

Fourthly, after living 25 years with a secured family, she need to move to  in-laws house, she adjusts and reforms, for whom she is going to spend for the rest of her life. She pays her life for being a mother, a wife and a daughter-in-law. But how many husband's &  in-laws' understanding her?

Sometimes I felt, why we can't respect them like our family.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Being an Artist (amateur)

I have read about the people born in the Month of August are skilled in arts, philosophy, science. But I am unsure at that time, but I feel it now.
I m glad share some of art works since my childhood.

Art 1: Cuddle up together
Genre : Pencil sketch

Art 2 : Kiss in the Unbrella
Genre : Silhoutte

Art 3 : Kiss in the rain
Genre : Inverse silhoutte - graphite powder rub

Samsung Note Arts:

Genre : Hand ease draw

Eyes cant cry alone

You are my Angel


Love has wings

Flowers bouquet


Flower wase


Always Together

Love will always together
Sketch & Pencil arts:
Genre : Colour/Pencil Sketch
Troy soldier


Twin fishes


angry bee

Lord Vinayaka

Lord Krishna & Radha

Surfing ted

Flying swans


Lord Sakthi

Love birds


Kissing a girl

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Lover's mind

Inspired by -  Love
Topic -  The utopia of a lover

Being in love is the best part to any person. But I have seen so many end, leaving them alone.

But, here I want to share the best things that be in love.

1. No sleep
Those nights speaks inner of you. But still donno how they manage the days.

2. Angel
No women will not as gorgeous as her. And every girl seems to be her.

3. Secrets
There won't be any hidings. Every thing will be pass on to each other.

4. No world
You could see the world through her eyes. She will be your world.

5. New name
You would hide her from friends, at least you will change her name in the mobile contacts.

6. More lies
You need to skip the plans with your friends, which make you to tell lie more.

7. Confidence
Love fills confidence,  you will be more brave than before. At least you will thought to hit on someone's nose.

8. Caring
You will be the best caring of the world. After her dad, you will be the most caring person.

9. Mad
You will be crazy kid, you jump, you hide and you play around.

10. Crazy
The one thing in love is,  you will never feel the lose, as everything seems to be perfect and you go nuts too. May you will bring the moon to her too.

11. Patience
Love itself a responsibility and you will learn more be with patience.  Strictly applicable for boys only.

12. Avid talker
Love will definitely make you to learn to share, listen the memories. Later you more become as a avid talker.

13. Pain
Last but not least, you may cry, you may depressed, but at final you will learn to bear the pain.

Note : May be one experience more than above, but I have limited only to these. In the sea of love, I scribbled a drops of thirteen.

Monday, May 16, 2016


Topic -  Inter- Marriages (between different nations/religions/castes)
Inspired by -  self thought

If something is happening at present, it is not newly formed now. It would have the roots somewhere in the past.

Have you ever heard about the word "Epigamia"?

During the ancient period, it is not allowed to marriage between persons of a different nations. To make it sustainable their community or religion, someone put a rule to marry a man/woman within their community and religion.

But if you see, during the mauryan period(300 BC), a war between the Seleucus I and chandra Gupta Maurya ended with a peace treaty, and "an intermarriage agreement" (epigamia)

"meaning either a dynastic marriage or a more general agreement for intermarriage between Indians and Greeks. Accordingly, Seleucus ceded to Chandragupta his northwestern territories as far as Arachosia and received 500 war elephants (which played a key role in the victory of Seleucus at the Battle of Ipsus)"
Source -  Wikipedia

It is a marriage between different nations.


A great reformer, founder of Dravidian Movement, E.V. Ramasamy, twisted the government with the rules of Self Respect Marriage.

His claims:
1. Inequality among people.
2. All the people are treated equally.

Because of self respect marriage, a more couples are married between the different religions. And also gave life to the widowers.

A Hindu Marriage act (Madras Amendment) 1967 introduced section 7A, permitting self respect marriages as legal.


Present Love marriages will prove that it is not a matter of caste or religion.  After all we are humans. But still is not indigestible for the past generations, but note that it is world is changing, implies we are changing.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

What I have learnt when there is no money

It has been one year, struggling between my assets and liabilities. I could remember when I have money.

I balanced everything through the money,
* my small allured things to buy
* home needs where no need to depend on some one and finally I could help and
* serve those who are in problems, hand loaning the small amounts.

But the way I landed up from the past few months hasn't never been before.

* I accolade with a tag, you become selfish when the same people gained me a position of high in respect before.
* I couldn't lend my hand when some people asked for a help,
* The aversion thing in my life was cooking the  food. In my 27 years of life, I never been a chef.

But that is all I have gained.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

The beauty Queen

Inspiration -  What I have seen
Genre  -  beauty is not all
Type -  Chandamama kathulu.

There was once a king Vasigara, where very fond of beauty of the women. His final aim in the life to marry a woman who is beautiful in the town.

He ordered his troops to find the beautiful girl in the town and as said by the king, the troops started in search of her. They knocked each door and enquired about the girls in the house. They compared first to the next and so on to find the beauty. At some places, they are unfit to find the best. But they prepared the list and called all of them to the king sabha.

King has also confused about the beauty, two of them were very charm and married both of them.

After some years,

An enemy allies declared a war on the king. The king doesn't have the strong army but fortunately king won the battle and he slaved the king's wife. But the fact is that, she is more gorgeous than his wives. And soon he married her too.

This gave a thought to seive the woman in the next allies and married them too

He started to find the girls and declared war in the next allies. Luckily, those were small confederators and King won easily on them and he married to the woman who were more beautiful than his present wives.

He always stick to the beautiful wife and neglected other of them. This caused the wives to avenge on king. And they came to know, he was fond of beauty not of love.

In the mean time,  the news spread in the other rajyas and feared about the king as he was going to declare war on them, if he found any beautiful woman in their town. And all the them confided to sue the king. They had a plan.

The king, without any knowledge, declaring the wars and accumulated a giant war soldier troop. And it was not an easy task to other kings to win against him.

An anonymous queen sent a message to fight against him. As it is not a Raja Neethi,  to fight on a woman, but his fond of beauty made him ready for the war. The king got the news about her charm and sensible beauty.

Soon, the king was ready for the war, as he heard, she is charm to the charm, beauty of beauty. He became mad of her.

On the first week, the king lost half of his troops. The second week half of her troops had diminished. Both the sides came into sandhi,  the queen reached the king camp and insisted for the lonesome talk.

But the later day, commander back off with the troops and declared his lost on the war as a king words.

And later the king nowhere in the history records and disappeared.

The fact is that the king poisoned with the drug and made him seem ugly. And the Queen is selected by the allies to suppress king vasigara.

Author notes:
The beauty doesn't lie on the face and it is not eternal. All matters is the inner beauty.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Does the dowry sin?

When at the daughter's age of 25, most of the parents will thought about her to get married soon. The father will bought all the assets made till in his life and made a price to buy the bridegroom. Of course, literally it is a flat sale. The demand of the bridegroom set by his parents and an alliance is made by the mediators.

I have a scene like, when my friend is giving a decent dowry, where her father put his most try but the alliance made a tie with an another extra amount of some lakhs. She shared her greiviance, how hard to her father to collect that extra amount. Then in the frustration, she showed anger on me and on the masculine too. Her straight question, if my father had tried his best, why the groom parents asking for more and what the hell groom is doing? After all, it is a matter of understanding, but personally, I support her words.

And after the another case in my life, actually which provoked me to write this post, If the husband has died, and he earned hard cored assets and expired in mid of his life... then all the assets have an authority for his sole wife, neglecting his parents. Then whether the girl would take his dowry back and will return remaining to their money to father-in-law? Of course the Indian law says, she has sole power of attorney on her husband assets, but the loss is from both the sides, a wife lost her husband and parents lost their son.

I donno the answer on which side I need to be. After all, money decides the human nature. But I understood, every human, including me., will bias to the benefit side.

But our discussion is about, whether Is taking dowry sin? Again I couldn't give the exact answer, because people are seeing both sides of the coin. But I recommend taking dowry is your wish, but if you take the dowry, let all the assets be on her name and make it as savings for her. My understanding on dowry, it is given to the girl for her safety.

And a final twist comes in here, if the girl is already well educated and standing on her own, earning her own pecks, then where the dowry should be placed? Of course, it is a valid point from a girl, after all, she is standing on her own, the dowry asset is to keep her safe. But every educated girl wouldn't get the dowry-free husband. Their mind set will be different. A change should come from the minds of groom and his parents. I encourage that the girl should demand too for dowry free.

Middle Note - I donno the actual essence of dowry, but I took the positive side... A dowry comes from the point that, during old days, people get married soon, where the groom side won't have much money to sustain the life(his father invested money on his studies) and then with a new woman in his life(woman were not earning at those ages) will be more hard, but by the time, his father in law will be earned some bugs and set alliance to keep his daughter well look after and which also helps the groom to be handy if he is capable to double the assets.
Now the things have changed, if the girl comes with no dowry, men should take her grant. This is for girls, Don't expect men and parents should come up first, we are in a society of benefit, not in the age of self-respect.


After a few days of discussion with my friend

he proposed the solution for the second case, he suggested in one case, if the wife took the assets, she need to be with the father and mother in law and serve them till their lives or else if not opting for the money, she can marry another one.

And a counter question for the twist comes, if girl proposed for the dowry free as she was earning, she should not expect anything from the boys' side too. And it would be like a girl is dependent on father and mother in law. And both the couples need to come out of the family and they both need to manage to find their way to be well settled as a matter of self respect.

After from the different persons perceptions, I thought this would not come to end. As said, it have two heads and four tongues, in either way you will be discouraged out.

Friday, March 11, 2016

The feeling of touching the dead body

It is after my vacation from the home town in the Feb month. The day seems little drowsy as I acquainted with the late mrng wakeup's.
A call from my roommate alerted me,  it carried a news "my brother in law is not feeling well and get fainted and fell down". This is not for the first time, I am there with him when we took to the hospital for the some stomach ache last time. Thought it was same as the last time.

I took an one hour permission and started to the hospital,  it was only a 10 min drive from the office. I was just waiting for the auto and no one stopped. I got a call again, this time his voice was trembling, "Naga, go fast, doctors are saying that he is dead". I got freeze for the news, it would never happen. He was very carer for his health. I soothen him, I was on the way,  don't worry, I will go an speak with the doctors. Even I was confident that doctors are faking the news.

I ask some biker on the way to drop me at the next signal. I just ran to the hospital corridor. His sister was sitting near the steps and he, looks like sleeping on the stretcher. She just broke into tears after seeing me. I couldn't stop her when she holding my legs and crying a lot.

I went to reception, but no one looks like to give the proper information. I returned to the stretcher. He looks like normal and sleeping on a bed. I hold his hand and checked the pulse. I never check the pulse of any one before. Hope, I could identify between the living and dead person. His eyes are little open. How could you say he is dead? I was neutral, and didn't dare to check his heart.

A near people enquired about the death. But a woman in the group handed water bottle to me, "give to her, she is going to dry her throat" .  Even she tried to soothe her.

The hospital staff pinching questions about the dead body, are you going to take the dead body to house? Or will you take to your native? Are you from Andhra? I couldn't answer any of them, because I don't know, what to do.
     I called to my roommate and enquired how long it will take for you?

The woman who helped before, enquired, what doctors had said? We're there any chances? And she only took me to the doctor and spoke to them. They confirmed "he was dead before they come to the hospital" , and showed a graph paper, ECG report, where there is no pulse. And she took me to another room and confirmed again. Now I am slowly realizing that he was no more.

My roommate appeared in the hospital after half an hour. She broken more now. Now I got the strength and so he could deal the situation. He soothing her more carefully and she was listening to her brothers words by shedding the tears on the side And he too shed his tears when he come out of his sister visibility. I couldn't manage if both were crying.

He called an ambulance. But it arrived late because of the same hospital name exists in another location. There was a communication gap. It has been four hours when we started from the hospital.

The driver follows his route to reach the city outskirts. We three sat before the dead body covered in a cooling box. It was the first time to be in Ambulance and very near to the dead body too. We travelled for another 3 hours to get out of the city. And the driver stopped for his meal. No one has took the meal for the day. Even I didn't dare to them.  I left them in ambulance and sat on the highway, thinking about the God's play.

We drove for another 2 hours nearing to nellore. In the mid way, his uncles catch them up and everyone broke into tears on the road.

I drop off from the mid and they carried their way with the dead body in an ambulance and disappeared in the dark night's.

It took another 3 hours to reach to home and another 3 days to get out of it.

Friday, February 19, 2016

What I learned from my vacation

Inspiration -  Self Art
Topic - Respect to Artists & Writers Intellectual property.
Sources -  www.transformingthreads.com,  www.visual-arts-cork.com

It was my first long vacation in my 6 years IT career. I took 10 days leave after I have a deal with my Manager.

But before, I thought to turn this as a long trip to Delhi, but that didn't work out. I made a route to the home, not sure about how to spend these 10 days except my long pending things which are personal.

Every month, I will plan to spend my part of time on interested fields of study. In those, Arts & Literature were the amusing fields for me. Lucky enough, I thought at the best time, where I could spend some time now to excel it.

Writers Property:
That was on my train journey to the home, I came to know about a website, where the author finds hard to get the reading books when she moved to a bangalore. She is maintaining a blog herself, and one of the post, just stucked me, saying, it is just bad reading the books without paying a royalty to the writer, where their works are intellectual property of them. We need to respect them, by borrowing the original prints.  Among countries, unfortunately, India is of them, in pirating the books printing. I relealized my mistake too.

*The author is paying a royalty to the writers upon selling the ebooks. Books are turned to ebooks after deal with writers.

Artists Intelligence:
Art is one of the powerful source tool for bringing your voice out and is a source of expression. This is as per modernism art. If we dig the roots a little, the pre historic art came for knowledge sharing; Renaissance art for aesthetic sense(Leonardo da Vinci and Michaelangelo), where inturn segregated apart the Arts and Crafts, to bring the concept of utilitarianism; Surrealism, Dada(Abstract art to show anti revolution during World War 2); Cubism changed the arts view, bought by Picasso and finally Modern art(to share the view). The art has been changed by centuries and make it is properly undefined. This is only a drop, I learn in these days.

On my long reading knowledge about the different types of art, I came to know about a few things, where my art actually fit into(My arts which were recently posted on FB walls, belong to Drawing of Fine Arts) and also we need to pay respect to the artists for their intellectual works. When I gone through a website, the author pays a royalty when turning their classic arts into embroidery paints.

For everything and everyone in this world, we need to respect their intelligence and inturn their works too.

Salute to the Artists and Writers.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Chola love story

There once a king Raja Raja Chola, ruling the south India from the Tanjore district of Tamilnadu. The near future enemies are always strolling at the near by places of Chola Kingdom. But the king is good at war for his chanakya tricks. He had a princess named kundavai, who is the beauty of the beauty, charm of charm. She is well known for her archery skills. But her view is completely contra to Raja Raja Chola, she believes war creates havoc in the peoples' lives of both kingdoms.

As he believed, the vimaladitya Prince of chalukya declared war on the Chola. But the Vimaladitya have the same feelings as does have the  Chola princess. But the being a king, he could not avoid the wars. But as his attribute, he will try to avoid the war by speaking to the enemy's king before the war for the Peace settlement, but the bad luck, no one has ever listened to his words.

He did the same thing and met the Chola king this time. But the twist is the Chola princess came for the peace treaty instead of king. He fell in love with her on first sight.

And the Princess also likes his principles and wanted to marry him.

The war ended with their marriage.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

My crush on her!!!

It was my crush on her..  But she came late into my life..  No regrets,  I welcomed her with a sweet kiss on her cheek and gave a tight hug. But when she left me...  I literally cried for her. I had so many memories with her..  None to forget. None of them return again.

Oooooooo....  Wait...  She is not a girl...  It was my first mobile. And here is my crush on it.

When every one sneaking out their mobiles from pockets, I just stared at the empty Blue sky. When everyone alerted for the ring tone,  I just became deaf, what to do.. I don't have this tiny 4'' inch mobile until my B. Tech third year.

It was on July 31, 2008. I went to a shop near my town with my dad and uncle. The sales person showed dozen of mobiles, but none of them allured me. But a tiny rectangular with nice flat finished corners in silver colored came to fit in my phant pockets. I came to know, I have a special liking on the rectangular finished flat corners like in iPhone 4s. I bagged a 4000 bucks to the shopper and grabbed my tiny love.

Firstly, what I did with this tiny angel. Yes.. I did as everyone do. Texting, Calling, hearing 4 most-loved Songs. Of course, it have 4MB space.  Err...  You have heard it correctly. In 4MB, I have struggled to keep my most nostalgic playlist. Don't surprise, you also could do it. But not in MP3 format, it should in .AAC format.  Thanks to the technology, it is the format I figured out which will squeeze/compress 4MB to 1MB without noise.

Then that day came as unknowingly..  I damn travelled for almost 2 and 1/2 days and in another 1/2 day, I would complete my 1000 km in 3 days. Under my deep tiredness, mobile has been slipped away. I remain silent for the shock.

Yes... I cried like some passed away. But...  Why?

Yeah...  I have the reasons, my mobile is not just like other, it is my memory box. The first message I sent to my friends Nazia, Rajasekhar etc, bunch of depicted messages by me for each of my friends b'day, My prank messages which I sent like a child, Rare Photos which would never return, all my contacts collected for an year, the recordings of friends voices...  Everything has been slipped away in a narrow cut. My memories can't be get again. I lost it.

This is not kind of adorance on the non-living things, it is kind of love on the memories. I don't love the things, but memories.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Why the lovers got separated?

Inspiration -  self
Topic -  Love

When he is getting wet in the rain, nobody wouldn't find that he is crying. The tears not for the physical pain, it is pain in the heart, because of the so-called love.

What is there in love? Why it would wreck the person's heart into the pieces and shattered around that nobody would able to pick it. From this, firstly, why love has been at lose, and why the lovers got separated? How He could play with the tiny hearts?

Yes He will break the hearts, and he is solely responsible. Then the question is why?

I could see some light in the tunnel. A mirror is like heart. A heart feels the love. If the mirror drops from height and scattered into pieces, does it fades away the image?  Nope, it never. A thousand of reflections can seen. Like, the wounded heart will share tons of love. Because, it knows the value of love.
       From the side of me, if you have through the love, someway, you lost yourself,  you could see the fathom of your heart, literally, you die as yourself and reborn as her. When your heart broken, you know the value of it and you will never make the someone's heart to be broken. The precious of love has been to the side of impeccable.

Like, the magnet never lose its properties of attraction, love never lose its sustenance. Somewhere it will die and reborn to make it immortal.

Love never dies....

Sunday, January 17, 2016

This is my story, India.

After reading the Indian history, I came to know the different phases of India. The struggle for the India has been not now, since the ages of ages, it has been bifurcated, ruled, but still stood as an epic.

It was around 5000 to 2000 BC, we have proofs of urban culture in the place of Harrappa and Mohenjadaro. These were the only proof of places found till now for the present urbanization. Unfortunately, the roots of our India were in present Pakistan.
         Later, the aryans came to India and there were drastic changes, they bought caste system and also this was the time where sanskrit(Indo-European) became the language, where derived from Indo-Iranian language.

At the other end, Brahmin became the upper caste of all, and also to put the mankind in the right path, the Vedas, the Puranas and the Upanishads came into existence and became the crowns of the Hindu religion.

Initially all the principles are in oral, and the Rig Vedas mostly not in easy learn way and which can be chanted by the Brahman only. Later, to make Vedas to be easily chantable and can be sing and pray in Sama Veda. The Yajur Vedas deals with the  human rituals and sacrifices. Atharvana Vedas are magical incarnations. I believe the 'KALLAs' has been emerged from this veda.

After the vedic period, the Hinduism cost the own religion and testified due to the breakthroughs in culture. The new religions born after the Hinduism namely Buddhism, Jainism etc.

At the other end of the land, dravidian culture has been on it's peak, the cheras, the cholas, and the pandyas, along with the vijayanagaram Kingdom ruled the southern part of India. Tamil language, has been rooted from the southern part, which is indigenous to India. Other languages too rooted from the Tamil and on the years, all the languages has been clustered with Sanskrit,  Pallavas incepted sanskrit into Tamil,  Telugu has been formed from the conglomeration of Tamil and Sanskrit. The base script for Kannada and Telugu are same like Malayalam and Tamil.

The Mauryans, Guptas, Pallavas, Delhi Sultans, Vijayanagaram Empires,  Mughals,  Marathas, Sikhs, Raj puts, British have been ruled the India. Each empire has been given their best.

The Mauryans, (Asoka) has been tremendously scattered the Buddhism throughout the world.
The Guptas has promoted the great people like Kalidasa(Shakuntala), Aryabhata(invented 0) and Vatsayana(Kamasutra).
Pallavas ruled most of the southern India from Kanchi, Nellore districts and more temples established in and around. Rock cut temple of Mahabalipuram is one of their work.
Delhi Sultans, influenced the sanskrit,  due to their different origins of Turkish,  Persian and Arabic.
Vijayanagaram Empire, has increased the Telugu language status to its peak.
Observed that people divided into devotees of Shiva and Vishnus. Not sure from which period.
Mughals, built one of the nine wonders, Taj Mahal. And also introduced the Persian art and cuisines to India.
Marathas, given the great warriors like shiva ji, Baji Rao(all the 41 battles won)
British, laid the railway system and introduced many more systems.

Now the India is stood on its own freedom.

Note : All the information has been based on my understanding of the history of India. Forgive for the mistakes.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Four things I learnt from people (for love).

After so many people crossways through my life, I came across a few people, and which turned out my perceptions for love in life.  Here we go...

First beauty crush:
I have a little crush on a girl staying in front of my home. She looks gorgeous of her age. Later, I hardly stayed in my home due to my studies at out stations. May be after some couple of 5 years, I saw her in her brother marriage. The total shine of her adolescent age faded away now.  Then, I came to know that external beauty is not permanent. Soon it will be fade away.
*Love is not an external thing.

Second childish friendship:
Since my childhood, I have always a longing feeling, that I expect a genuine love from others. In my dictionary,  there is only one meaning for love... that is always true and unconditional.. I am always seek to find that right love(friendship) from others. At that age, I opted for friendship only, not love(which is attraction). But something came in between that didn't work out for me to mingle; there should some rap of 'liking' between the people to go for the next level. I didn't find both fall in the same place, so I left alone.
Above all, my friendship misfires as love when bonding with girls. So, I realised, I am always bad at friendship, basically I don't know to show it. But one thing, I could say, there is a fine thread of love, I am still sticking to it at least when they need me.
*Friendship is a need in deed.

Thirdly, courage:
Your friends list may vary different genres, like mine too.  A normal average guy, blackish in color, had a curly hair, wears like an 70's hero style, proposed atmost15 girls, as I know and still always ready to be in those shoes. An another white skinned guy of nice cut-out, stylised branded wears, always fear at love, that nobody would love him. And his shyness always cost him a weak in friendships too. There I have learn, the love is in courage. If somebody, I would love, I will never hesitate to tell them.
*Courage fates the love.

Lately love:
Lastly, If I really know fall in love, may be I end up like a ghost soon. But, some one knocked the door of true thing and showed that it is not always a safe journey. But, my possessiveness always showed that I am immature in love. Finally, I came to know, the real love is in others happiness. I turned to be whatever to see someone's life to be happy.
*Love is not about in taking, instead it is in giving.

These have turned me, and make me stood what I am now. May be some people turned you too in your life..  Just think about it. After all, Life is memories of Love..