Saturday, April 30, 2016

The beauty Queen

Inspiration -  What I have seen
Genre  -  beauty is not all
Type -  Chandamama kathulu.

There was once a king Vasigara, where very fond of beauty of the women. His final aim in the life to marry a woman who is beautiful in the town.

He ordered his troops to find the beautiful girl in the town and as said by the king, the troops started in search of her. They knocked each door and enquired about the girls in the house. They compared first to the next and so on to find the beauty. At some places, they are unfit to find the best. But they prepared the list and called all of them to the king sabha.

King has also confused about the beauty, two of them were very charm and married both of them.

After some years,

An enemy allies declared a war on the king. The king doesn't have the strong army but fortunately king won the battle and he slaved the king's wife. But the fact is that, she is more gorgeous than his wives. And soon he married her too.

This gave a thought to seive the woman in the next allies and married them too

He started to find the girls and declared war in the next allies. Luckily, those were small confederators and King won easily on them and he married to the woman who were more beautiful than his present wives.

He always stick to the beautiful wife and neglected other of them. This caused the wives to avenge on king. And they came to know, he was fond of beauty not of love.

In the mean time,  the news spread in the other rajyas and feared about the king as he was going to declare war on them, if he found any beautiful woman in their town. And all the them confided to sue the king. They had a plan.

The king, without any knowledge, declaring the wars and accumulated a giant war soldier troop. And it was not an easy task to other kings to win against him.

An anonymous queen sent a message to fight against him. As it is not a Raja Neethi,  to fight on a woman, but his fond of beauty made him ready for the war. The king got the news about her charm and sensible beauty.

Soon, the king was ready for the war, as he heard, she is charm to the charm, beauty of beauty. He became mad of her.

On the first week, the king lost half of his troops. The second week half of her troops had diminished. Both the sides came into sandhi,  the queen reached the king camp and insisted for the lonesome talk.

But the later day, commander back off with the troops and declared his lost on the war as a king words.

And later the king nowhere in the history records and disappeared.

The fact is that the king poisoned with the drug and made him seem ugly. And the Queen is selected by the allies to suppress king vasigara.

Author notes:
The beauty doesn't lie on the face and it is not eternal. All matters is the inner beauty.