Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Everlasting Girl Friend

“I know her”.
“Yes, I know her very well”.
“She is my….”

She lives beneath floor of my room. Actually, she is my owner’s daughter. She grabbed my look when I got down first time as a tenant into her house. But at that time, we didn't speak. Only our eyes speak.

The days in the calendar has rolled as fast as a dice which jumps from one's hand (to roll down). But each day has its special as her innocent eyes, her cute smile, her long hair and……. I can’t limit here. I got to know each of her asset on each day. But still we never spoke.  

One day, with a collective strength of my guts, I asked her name. I didn't hear any word. But a simple curve responded on her face. I didn’t force to ask her name, because it is her smile that makes me to forget this world besides her name. After that I never tried to ask her name, because, I carved a name for her and call on my own. I think, she don’t mind, if I reveal afterwards once we met.

It’s a glory day in my life; she is as fabulous as ever. It’s her appearance, her outfit that makes her more outstanding. The eyes don’t allow looking any other things except her.  Hope, she didn't observe me. But, she did. It is the best skill for girls. They have powerful eyes as eagle and can smell fast as rats. 

It has been one year, till now I don’t know her name. But it is not the one, I want. I want to ask her more questions as many nerves I have. Each one of them carrying different questions to my mind. But my final destiny is same…

Why you are taking my breath away?
Why you are filling my eyes with your image?
Why you are filling my mind with your memories?

I am begging Him for a chance. But He never listen my words.

It is my last day from being here. I completed my part here, and moving to a new place. I remember her last look. The unspoken love ends at the end of the street.

After three years…

I am riding on the bike. I am in a hurry to my Office. It is the very important day in my life. My bike hits the mark for “90”. I am managing my ride for each turn I take. 

All of a sudden, an old lady trying to cross the road opposite to me. The bike horn doesn’t alert her. I almost crossed her in a fine hair cut. But I lost my balance. The bike hit a lady who was standing at the safe edge of the road and dragged almost for half a mile along with me.

I have her on my back. I turned around. I can see her face.

“I know her”.
“Yes, I know her very well”.
“She is my Angel

Yes, my mind collected the memories and put a well-known face in-front of me. It is her. Yes, it is her only. I just screamed for meeting her. And she is in-front of me. I am lucky that finally I met her. Oh God, Thank you. Thank you very much. I am turning rounds on my bike.

But in a less span of time, we hit to a pole. Cursedly, she is in between. I tried to grab her hand. But I couldn’t.

I remember, in the next hour, we are in our own wards at the Hospital. The Helmet saves my life, but not her. Had a huge damage on her head, She went to Coma and left me in trauma.

It has been another three years…..until now,
She is still in sleep by being alive; I am dying by being alive…..