Saturday, April 19, 2014

Why they return their memories after the break up?

The title already have given some hint on the post. So, I am not gonna rephrase it.

But as everytime, I wanna share how this idea striked my mind? I used to see Short Films. But in one of the short story, a love failure story, narrated about the break up. The opening scene itself a lady come with a box of cards, gifts etc., to return to his boy friend, which they exchanged during their love. In the next scene, the guy didn't even open the box and throws it away.

Straight to the point. I paused here, when they decided for break up, usually why they return the memories of love to each other. Is it that much simple to forget their love, if they return their memories??

I strictly believe, love is love, adhu marakamudiyadhu(not forgettable). If they believe that love is forgettable, then may be they are never true to their heart. The true haunts every time in their mind, wherever u go, it will never leaves you. I want to make a note here too, the success of love is the different story, there is 95% of failure rate all over the world. There would be hundred reasons, but after all love is love. Success or failure is not the count for love, the count is only whether you were been through it or not. Thats it.

Then coming to our post, returning of their memories would never change anything in their life. We are just a people right? We may be thought that it is forgettable, but love is a ghost, haunts everywhere. It can smell your presence anywhere.

Adding some more points to strengthen my discussion, after all, we are forcing our mind to shift the focus, but it is unbearable sweet pain to forget. Who can change the fact, that you are in love with some other, you live with them truly, you share with them truly, you believe them truly, you exchanged memories, those will never go off. Never go off. God has never given a chance to clear off it from their own's mind.


Thursday, March 20, 2014

Why the moon have scars?

I remember that there are 7 colours in the rainbow. May be, because of their composition, everybody likes RAINBOW. But on an usual day, a query hit me. I am confused to answer when the judge asked me, what is your favourite colour? I don't know, what to choose too. But I like all the colours. But the question came with a condition, only one colour need to be selected.

It is hard for me to select only colour from the seven colours. Because each colour have their reputation, and each signifies it's importance. My mind tricked to answer in a different way. I re- questioned the judge, what is the colour we get when we mix of all the 7 colours in a rainbow. He referenced his books, and after a while he answered it as WHITE. Then it is my favourite colour, I replied.

As a child, ignorantly I answered that White is my favourite colour. But later unknowingly, that became my favourite. As White implies the attributes of Peace (bring down the battle), Sensitive (loses it attributes and it implies the same colour with which it has mixed, like red + white = light red), Impeccable (thirst of reputation, as it doesn't have any scar), General (widely used) . The attributes of white matched with my attributes. In this way, White became my favourite.

Then in the life of white there is a scar. A small scar, and it is black one. The black came into the life of white as unknowingly. The White fell in love with the black, because of his attributes. The attributes defined as, Protest(it can't stand in the place where it doesn't likes), determined and unchanged(it never changes the colour to which it has mixed, red + black = black).

The White tried to saturate with the black. Before the strong attributes of the black, the white doesn't win the race. It has given up all his attributes. Finally, the White becomes as black, by losing all its attributes. But it doesn't allure the real black. The fate is already designed.

Nothing can be done by white, neither it can ask the real black to give its attributes nor it can live with new face. The black scar in the white colour will never go like the black spots in the moon.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Wherever u go, humans are humans...

I am at 1000 of miles at other end of the sea. Actually, I born and grown on the first end of the sea where the respect and importance of relations are huge. Basically I do fear sometimes, when I heard racism on the other end of the sea. That was my fear, when I first land on the other end.

Days and nights are passed on, I feel comfortable to be at the other end. But the debris of fear still have at some of the corners in my body. But luckily till now the wrecked part has not found by the aerial view.

It was a normal day of the other end, the degrees are toggling between the -12 to -18. We almost covered all our skin not to expose this polar bear, otherwise, we know how it gonna leave the scars on our skin.

We have completed the work of the day and on the way to return to home in train. Luckily we got a seat. And all other seats has been filled. The train started his chikubuku sounds in foreign style.

After the third stop, a pregnant lady stepped in with two kids, one in carry and another in the hand- hand. I am just watching her. My mind started to give the instructions how to offer my seat. Before I could do that, a lady near to me, took a chance.

She asked to sit in her seat. She denied smoothly by saying a word 'thank you'. Even this provoked another lady near by to offer her seat, She did the same to her as to the First Lady.

Just in another a couple of minutes, the First Lady stood up and put her hand to offer the seat. The pregnant lady was so determined with the word "no problem". Finally, the First Lady double checked with her and she gave a cute smile without any disappointment.

I just watching this melodrama from past a few minutes. Then I have implied in my notations that humans are humans anywhere. The helping nature, the sensibility are the attributes of the social animal. And that is the only thing makes us the pride and distinguishes from other animals.

Friday, March 7, 2014

A Very Caring Father....!!!

My Prince, open her very little little chweet eyes as very slowly as in a slow motion video of blossom cute flower. A kind of very happy feeling struck in my heart. She is so much much cute. Almost like an angel. This is when she is at a age of 2.

At the age of 5, when she fell down on one day while walking. I couldn't grab her from felling down. So incapable of me. I cuddled her Finally, She cried, I too. I soothe through the very comfortable and unhurt words. I told her as many stories to stop her cry. Even I beat and scolded the ground for making my cutie susceptible to wounds.

At the age of 7, she is very cute with her uncompleted words. She said I want to become "Ringineer" as my dad. Don't be afraid it is Engineer. We laugh loudly but I felt proud of my kid.

At the age of 12, she asked an ice-cream while she heard the ring of the bell. But doctors already warned don't let her to take the ice-creams much. But I couldn't stop myself in buying the ice-cream after seeing her sad smiley curve on her face. I died for that smile.

When she started to distribute the chocolates on her birthday, she asked more and more money to buy the chocolates. I gave her how much she needs. And I felt happy when she asked more and more. I didn't get this kind of feeling even when I got a 10 crores contract.

She completed her graduate. She asked, I want to become Engineer. I let her do as her wish. It is her strong wish, do my wish too. I didn't stop her in any way.

No father should not get this stage. My friends friend inquired about her, he came with a proposal about her marriage. I cried and step out in mid of the conversation. Later for 7 days, my every dream filled with her marriage. But I couldn't do that. How can I send her alone my 24 years daughter and how can I trust the person who is not aware of my child?? I wouldn't let her go away from me.

Finally that day came in my life. I let her go with unknown person of my daughter.

But I am not normal after she went. I couldn't lead my life without my daughter. That affected my health. she came back soon. But she stayed not for more than one day.

Finally father dead after a few months. He couldn't live without her daughter. That is the last sentence he included in his last note.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Why it is called as "Maaya"??

Oops. Sorry if you got bored of my short stories of love. I hope, I know only this and I am only good at these. And my eyes and my heart will always look and easily grasp these things.

Here is my story line, why we called it as “Maaya”( May be called as magic in English). No doubt, I am referring to love only.

While asleep this idea ticked my mind and let my mind to think of it for some time, why we refer love as ‘Maaya’. Go through my idea.

First of all, Falling in love is not in our hands, and we donno when this love bug will enter into our body. And it is not susceptible too. But it happens. It just happens.

And once this bug has entered into our body, we lost everything. Here are some examples, people will live in utopia; the phone calls to friends will decrease; the words delivered will be less; always wear a small curve on face, but huge battle inside; in short, we almost live in a desert with a tank full of beer beside us. May be in the desert it is the alluring one, if we don’t have anything. Why, I supposed it as a beer is, the only two things which makes our world forgettable are “Girls” and “Wine”. Both have good connection.

And come back to our story, and we almost madly adore that person and we will give more importance than any other. 

Even if they sneeze also, the other one will become as a doctor. I donno when they got P.hD in Medical Sciences.
If they are telling any problems, I donno when they learned the word ‘patience’.
If they travelling alone, I donno when they traveled before in the same road and they would fill the safety suggestions box.

Totally, all their nerves and mind will occupy with themselves and each nerve will carry the info of his/her.

They don’t even get a chance to think anything except them, if they truly love. Now tell where is the chance to carry the other info through nerves to their mind. They truly are in drunken state, whch we called as Maaya.

My part is done.