Thursday, March 20, 2014

Why the moon have scars?

I remember that there are 7 colours in the rainbow. May be, because of their composition, everybody likes RAINBOW. But on an usual day, a query hit me. I am confused to answer when the judge asked me, what is your favourite colour? I don't know, what to choose too. But I like all the colours. But the question came with a condition, only one colour need to be selected.

It is hard for me to select only colour from the seven colours. Because each colour have their reputation, and each signifies it's importance. My mind tricked to answer in a different way. I re- questioned the judge, what is the colour we get when we mix of all the 7 colours in a rainbow. He referenced his books, and after a while he answered it as WHITE. Then it is my favourite colour, I replied.

As a child, ignorantly I answered that White is my favourite colour. But later unknowingly, that became my favourite. As White implies the attributes of Peace (bring down the battle), Sensitive (loses it attributes and it implies the same colour with which it has mixed, like red + white = light red), Impeccable (thirst of reputation, as it doesn't have any scar), General (widely used) . The attributes of white matched with my attributes. In this way, White became my favourite.

Then in the life of white there is a scar. A small scar, and it is black one. The black came into the life of white as unknowingly. The White fell in love with the black, because of his attributes. The attributes defined as, Protest(it can't stand in the place where it doesn't likes), determined and unchanged(it never changes the colour to which it has mixed, red + black = black).

The White tried to saturate with the black. Before the strong attributes of the black, the white doesn't win the race. It has given up all his attributes. Finally, the White becomes as black, by losing all its attributes. But it doesn't allure the real black. The fate is already designed.

Nothing can be done by white, neither it can ask the real black to give its attributes nor it can live with new face. The black scar in the white colour will never go like the black spots in the moon.