Thursday, December 24, 2015

A Short Crush Between Strangers.

The Janasathabdhi train has started moving from the Chennai station, the seat beside Sriram was unseated. An another guy occupied the other end of window seat. Sriram went to meet his colleague in the next car of the same train. Someone occupied the vacant seat, before he return to his place. 
Because of the before day unslept, make him so tired. He tried to sleep with the unavoidable sounds of the children around him. But he couldn't.

The ticket collector woke Sriram, while he is fighting up with the memories. He showed his ID proof.  The man seated next to Sriram, showed the unreserved ticket. The TC warned him and charged the penalty and also showed the another seat as the present one is already reserved.
Again the beside seat is vacant. 
        When the train has stopped in some station, a girl with handful of luggages, stepped in, opened her wallet and checking for the seat number. She moved to Sriram place, he understands that,  the middle seat is for her. Sriram moved to middle and offered her with his seat. She tried hard to place her bags which is above of seats at a height more than her. She seated with her pink coloured huge teddy bear on her lap. Sriram busy with his haunting memories. She wants to read her book. The cover page overlooked by the Sriram and it colored in light yellow. By breaking his thoughts, She asked help of Sriram, to place her teddy safely in the above of their seats. He smiled at her and helped to place the teddy safely, then kept busy himself in memories.

Sriram, got a phone call and he went to the next car. She is busy in reading her novel and gave a thought where is the guy seated next to her after the enquiry of TC. She has seen him next to a girl walking in a station, but not sure about his face.

Sriram, came to his place. With her permission, he crossed her and took  his seat. She asked him, where you need to go? Sriram replied, until the end of this train goes.  She laughed.  He shook his hand and said his name, she introduced herself as "Dara". He questioned, any suffixes or prefixes for name? Dara laughed, I have a long name, but the suffix is Dara Devi, a goddess name near seeleru village. Mmm..  Something peculiar name, both grinned.
In her queries, he spoke more than usual, and there is a small connection between the places they both have been. Both studied in nearby places, staying now in the near places, but they haven't crossed each other.

Later, Sriram inquired about the doll, is it for presenting to someone? he posed childishly. Again she smiled,  nope..  It's my teddy,  my mate. I will carry this one along with me, every time..  Does it have any name? No.  I didn't thought about it. But thanks for the idea., I ll give her a name. Yeah, that's good.
Sriram showed a snap with his sister, while they shared about their family members. This brings a discussion on the chocolates, as she likes it very much. Sriram mocked her, it would be easy for your husband to handle you. Yeah,  that is the secret of mine, I will fell for chocolates. My brothers will keep the chocolates if I am mood off.

It's time to bid good bye,  the train reaching to her destination. Sriram, liked maturity of her age., still, he is surprised,  that she took the initiative to speak with me. But he really liked her and gave a thought that he is looking for a girl like her. They both didn't initiate to exchange nor their mobile numbers nor a contact ID to meet later. But he prayed for fate, that give another chance to meet her. He confidently believes, they will meet soon.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Time = Love

If someone said, time is equal to money, literally they have proved by using the math formulas to insist money is directly proportional to two or three times of time you invest. Then what about love? This given a chance to derive the following formula.

Let me explain about my idea. May be, I am not biased to love this time, but we need to speak the facts. The idea behind to this relation about to my personal concern.

The boy/girl has been in love. It is their starting days of the love.
The love touches the highest peak at time.
Or in other words, T =0, L = infinity.

After 3-5 years, because of their small ego's , misunderstandings, hope their will be decrease in showing their love. Please note, this the test for love. 
T =5 ; L = infinity of love - 1

There will be two sides, either they got married or got broke-up from love.

For Married people,  the love will be zigzag as their common problems in life will test their sustenance. After a few more years, the love attains constant. 

For the broken hearts, there will be sudden decrease in their love, as they want to forget their love and be with the society. However there will be jerks at sometimes because of their remembrances/memories haunting them, but it maintains the constant, not equal to the same value of those successful people.

There is end for the love, at times, the love is constant but never be zero.
T = K L, where K is a constant.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The Love Not Taken

The life always gives two options for a problem in life, like said by Robert Frost, there is always an ambiguity on the road to be taken and road not be taken. He only inspired to write this story.. what love would give two options for a someone, who loved? Not like to use past tense for love.

This thought inspires me to write this story. So, many lovezzz may not end successful, some got shredded while having little feathers, some crossed the hard and burden way, while the rest reaches to the church.

The feeling of love would not give by many, it is someone would crack your heart and show yourself newly and make you live in the Utopia, would bring your bad out to make you pure. That is what love gives you. If someone not go through it, may be you have missed knowing yourself.
             The other end of love, would give you so much pain, make you cry, make you weak by heart, make you not to stand firmly, make you not to think anything expect about her. This pain will always give for every love.

Like in the middle of man, someone would knock your door as a life partner... may be there you have a question for two options...!!!! either you need to go on by keeping her in memories or you live/die with her.

In either way, there is no fail in love. If the other one came in your life, she will be with you in your memories, if she alone come in your life, you are the one who is the luckiest in the world. There is no option to die for her, bcoz, this life has given by your parents, you have no right to give for someone other than your parents.

No die for love, nor her. May be in memories, may be walking side by you....
After all, life need to be go on.......

Monday, October 19, 2015

IT Language

A language is a medium to communicate between the persons or a one to the groups. India has been divided based on the spoken languages people. We have differrent states for each language spoken by the people. Of course, some states has been separated even same language has been spoken.

After the Information Technology has been ruling over the countries, different languages spoken people has been gathered at the same place, like a hindi spoken people settled in Tamil Nadu, an Orissa one moved to the Karnataka.

These people works on a million cost projects, will meet the dead lines, attend stand up meetings, will stretch the whole night to make it live.

At this pressure, employees dreaming at the night too, whether I could fix the issue where QA has raised. And tester works in the night about the testing as the build comes to their court at late nights.

Between these tensions, IT people managing their presonal life at stake. And some times, they mix the personal and work life.

Look at these conversation.

A friend came to pantry for a break and have some problem to share.

Kish : Hi Tester, how are you?
Nirvani : I am fine dude.
Kish : How is your life going?
Nirvani : Good. Howz yours???
Kish : Bahut CRITICAL se jaa raha hei. (It is going very hard)
Nirvani : what happened?
Kish : Mere owner se ISSUE yar? Dont know how to RESOLVE karna padega?
Nirvana : kya hua?
Kish :  It's a CRITICAL matter.
Nirvana : xxxxxxxxxx

Hope you understood.

I have over heard this conversation and corrected myself with the prooer words. Really, I pity on these people and thinking how our language has been changing by this IT!!!

I thought at times, how to get out of these pit-falls, even I dream sometimes about the project work in my sleep. Hope, the only way is to fill up our mind with other things, besides our office works, thats what I could do.