Saturday, April 19, 2014

Why they return their memories after the break up?

The title already have given some hint on the post. So, I am not gonna rephrase it.

But as everytime, I wanna share how this idea striked my mind? I used to see Short Films. But in one of the short story, a love failure story, narrated about the break up. The opening scene itself a lady come with a box of cards, gifts etc., to return to his boy friend, which they exchanged during their love. In the next scene, the guy didn't even open the box and throws it away.

Straight to the point. I paused here, when they decided for break up, usually why they return the memories of love to each other. Is it that much simple to forget their love, if they return their memories??

I strictly believe, love is love, adhu marakamudiyadhu(not forgettable). If they believe that love is forgettable, then may be they are never true to their heart. The true haunts every time in their mind, wherever u go, it will never leaves you. I want to make a note here too, the success of love is the different story, there is 95% of failure rate all over the world. There would be hundred reasons, but after all love is love. Success or failure is not the count for love, the count is only whether you were been through it or not. Thats it.

Then coming to our post, returning of their memories would never change anything in their life. We are just a people right? We may be thought that it is forgettable, but love is a ghost, haunts everywhere. It can smell your presence anywhere.

Adding some more points to strengthen my discussion, after all, we are forcing our mind to shift the focus, but it is unbearable sweet pain to forget. Who can change the fact, that you are in love with some other, you live with them truly, you share with them truly, you believe them truly, you exchanged memories, those will never go off. Never go off. God has never given a chance to clear off it from their own's mind.