Friday, November 1, 2013

It's a Journey of Love!!

As usual, this time my mind searches for what is Love?? How it happens?? Then I started to note down the points in love from my experiences when my friends shared their love stories. From those stories, I consolidated the following points in 7 stages. I never experienced love, but these are the experiences of others love. May be, I wouldn't script it properly, but I always welcome to correct me and I value your thoughts. It is a open welcome who have hearts to read it, experience it, share it, correct it. After all, Love is the only word left to share my thoughts.

Here we go;

Stage 1 : See through your heart:

There is no time stamp when the love will starts and there would be no reason behind it too. If any one says it happened on a particular time, believe it is liking not a love. But there are symptoms to say it is love, it is the first time to see her/him through your heart(Find the difference between seeing through the eyes and the heart).

Stage 2: Meets the expectation for affection:

There wouldn't be a particular reason for loving her/him, but there will be one expectation for on-set of love in their hearts, where the expectation meets their own affection. There is no news that love starts at a time in both of the hearts. There will be one weak step to begin a love in another person.

Stage 3 : Initial Steps:

In whom, love touches their hearts first, they start to adore them deeply. They will build 9-store buildings in their hearts with no foundations. The opposite one can easily find especially girls can easily find it.

Back Step: If the girl/boy doesn't felt it, they starts to escape from them. It happens mostly with girls.

Stage 4: They rules your heart:

Until the opposite one recognizes their love, they rules your heart. He/she will show their 200% care and affection on them to show outwards of their love. It is the time for recognizing the love in their hearts for the another one. In this stage, boys are good at showing their unconditional love.

Back Step: They(girls) completely try to escape from the boys eyes. Some of them will force the girls to love them. Their cruel will sometimes leads to personal attack.

Stage 5: No bounds:

It may takes days to years to find/see/recognize the love in another person. Some times it may not be recognized until they are far away from them. It is a proposal time. Once they recognized their love(girls will not tell it immediately), there will be no bounds for them(boys).

Wrong Step: The only wrong step do in this stage is, they forget the parents to tell about their interest in her/him.

Stage 6: Utopia:

They have their own world in love. Even there are 100 people around them, they have their own language, even the silent eyes can communicate 1000 words between them. They fight like a kids, they share all their life to the partner. She expects an understandable heart, He expects a caring person. These are the standard expectations in love. Here girls are good at share everything to the boys. Even they share small things in their life. No one knows how long it runs, until they have a road diversion, their path is straight along.

A few daily mundanes in Utopia:
1. They woke up with greeting of good mornings. If we miss it, girls expects a reason for it.
2. Another call for confirmation that they woke up.
3. While brushing, while getting ready, every where the words travel around until they meet for a day.
4. If they are with another person, their eyes will search for them, once met they smile through eyes, speak through eyes, everything communicate between the eyes.
5. Their heart will skip the beats and experiences butterflies in a stomach, if they cross each other and until they feel comfortable to speak.
6. Once they are comfortable, the ocean of words will flow in their mouths.
7. Boys escort them and cares until they reach home safely.
8. So many words to share at nights may be whole night. It is always the best time for them. Even cellular operates opened up the gates for cutting the charges at nights.

Step 7: Time to diversion:

This is the only one the lovers wont expect. Its time to take a diversion in their way. There will be many reasons to sacrifice their love - inter caste, non-religion, unbalanced status, parents reputation, responsibilities. There will be at least 10 reasons for breaking up. Boys/Girls are almost generate 1000 watts of power during this brain storm.
           All the roads lead to Rome only, but in love all it leads to sacrifice and pain. I have seen only 1% success rate in those people who are aggressive and left all others for their love are counted ones.

I don't have any bad side on lovers from the above statement, but I feel pity on them at least you are experienced that great things(Stages 1-6) in love, be satisfy with that. And Success/Failure in love is not completely in our hands. Because,love will not see whether you are Hindu/Muslim/Christian/Black/White/Brown, it just happens. That's it.