Saturday, January 30, 2016

My crush on her!!!

It was my crush on her..  But she came late into my life..  No regrets,  I welcomed her with a sweet kiss on her cheek and gave a tight hug. But when she left me...  I literally cried for her. I had so many memories with her..  None to forget. None of them return again.

Oooooooo....  Wait...  She is not a girl...  It was my first mobile. And here is my crush on it.

When every one sneaking out their mobiles from pockets, I just stared at the empty Blue sky. When everyone alerted for the ring tone,  I just became deaf, what to do.. I don't have this tiny 4'' inch mobile until my B. Tech third year.

It was on July 31, 2008. I went to a shop near my town with my dad and uncle. The sales person showed dozen of mobiles, but none of them allured me. But a tiny rectangular with nice flat finished corners in silver colored came to fit in my phant pockets. I came to know, I have a special liking on the rectangular finished flat corners like in iPhone 4s. I bagged a 4000 bucks to the shopper and grabbed my tiny love.

Firstly, what I did with this tiny angel. Yes.. I did as everyone do. Texting, Calling, hearing 4 most-loved Songs. Of course, it have 4MB space.  Err...  You have heard it correctly. In 4MB, I have struggled to keep my most nostalgic playlist. Don't surprise, you also could do it. But not in MP3 format, it should in .AAC format.  Thanks to the technology, it is the format I figured out which will squeeze/compress 4MB to 1MB without noise.

Then that day came as unknowingly..  I damn travelled for almost 2 and 1/2 days and in another 1/2 day, I would complete my 1000 km in 3 days. Under my deep tiredness, mobile has been slipped away. I remain silent for the shock.

Yes... I cried like some passed away. But...  Why?

Yeah...  I have the reasons, my mobile is not just like other, it is my memory box. The first message I sent to my friends Nazia, Rajasekhar etc, bunch of depicted messages by me for each of my friends b'day, My prank messages which I sent like a child, Rare Photos which would never return, all my contacts collected for an year, the recordings of friends voices...  Everything has been slipped away in a narrow cut. My memories can't be get again. I lost it.

This is not kind of adorance on the non-living things, it is kind of love on the memories. I don't love the things, but memories.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Why the lovers got separated?

Inspiration -  self
Topic -  Love

When he is getting wet in the rain, nobody wouldn't find that he is crying. The tears not for the physical pain, it is pain in the heart, because of the so-called love.

What is there in love? Why it would wreck the person's heart into the pieces and shattered around that nobody would able to pick it. From this, firstly, why love has been at lose, and why the lovers got separated? How He could play with the tiny hearts?

Yes He will break the hearts, and he is solely responsible. Then the question is why?

I could see some light in the tunnel. A mirror is like heart. A heart feels the love. If the mirror drops from height and scattered into pieces, does it fades away the image?  Nope, it never. A thousand of reflections can seen. Like, the wounded heart will share tons of love. Because, it knows the value of love.
       From the side of me, if you have through the love, someway, you lost yourself,  you could see the fathom of your heart, literally, you die as yourself and reborn as her. When your heart broken, you know the value of it and you will never make the someone's heart to be broken. The precious of love has been to the side of impeccable.

Like, the magnet never lose its properties of attraction, love never lose its sustenance. Somewhere it will die and reborn to make it immortal.

Love never dies....

Sunday, January 17, 2016

This is my story, India.

After reading the Indian history, I came to know the different phases of India. The struggle for the India has been not now, since the ages of ages, it has been bifurcated, ruled, but still stood as an epic.

It was around 5000 to 2000 BC, we have proofs of urban culture in the place of Harrappa and Mohenjadaro. These were the only proof of places found till now for the present urbanization. Unfortunately, the roots of our India were in present Pakistan.
         Later, the aryans came to India and there were drastic changes, they bought caste system and also this was the time where sanskrit(Indo-European) became the language, where derived from Indo-Iranian language.

At the other end, Brahmin became the upper caste of all, and also to put the mankind in the right path, the Vedas, the Puranas and the Upanishads came into existence and became the crowns of the Hindu religion.

Initially all the principles are in oral, and the Rig Vedas mostly not in easy learn way and which can be chanted by the Brahman only. Later, to make Vedas to be easily chantable and can be sing and pray in Sama Veda. The Yajur Vedas deals with the  human rituals and sacrifices. Atharvana Vedas are magical incarnations. I believe the 'KALLAs' has been emerged from this veda.

After the vedic period, the Hinduism cost the own religion and testified due to the breakthroughs in culture. The new religions born after the Hinduism namely Buddhism, Jainism etc.

At the other end of the land, dravidian culture has been on it's peak, the cheras, the cholas, and the pandyas, along with the vijayanagaram Kingdom ruled the southern part of India. Tamil language, has been rooted from the southern part, which is indigenous to India. Other languages too rooted from the Tamil and on the years, all the languages has been clustered with Sanskrit,  Pallavas incepted sanskrit into Tamil,  Telugu has been formed from the conglomeration of Tamil and Sanskrit. The base script for Kannada and Telugu are same like Malayalam and Tamil.

The Mauryans, Guptas, Pallavas, Delhi Sultans, Vijayanagaram Empires,  Mughals,  Marathas, Sikhs, Raj puts, British have been ruled the India. Each empire has been given their best.

The Mauryans, (Asoka) has been tremendously scattered the Buddhism throughout the world.
The Guptas has promoted the great people like Kalidasa(Shakuntala), Aryabhata(invented 0) and Vatsayana(Kamasutra).
Pallavas ruled most of the southern India from Kanchi, Nellore districts and more temples established in and around. Rock cut temple of Mahabalipuram is one of their work.
Delhi Sultans, influenced the sanskrit,  due to their different origins of Turkish,  Persian and Arabic.
Vijayanagaram Empire, has increased the Telugu language status to its peak.
Observed that people divided into devotees of Shiva and Vishnus. Not sure from which period.
Mughals, built one of the nine wonders, Taj Mahal. And also introduced the Persian art and cuisines to India.
Marathas, given the great warriors like shiva ji, Baji Rao(all the 41 battles won)
British, laid the railway system and introduced many more systems.

Now the India is stood on its own freedom.

Note : All the information has been based on my understanding of the history of India. Forgive for the mistakes.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Four things I learnt from people (for love).

After so many people crossways through my life, I came across a few people, and which turned out my perceptions for love in life.  Here we go...

First beauty crush:
I have a little crush on a girl staying in front of my home. She looks gorgeous of her age. Later, I hardly stayed in my home due to my studies at out stations. May be after some couple of 5 years, I saw her in her brother marriage. The total shine of her adolescent age faded away now.  Then, I came to know that external beauty is not permanent. Soon it will be fade away.
*Love is not an external thing.

Second childish friendship:
Since my childhood, I have always a longing feeling, that I expect a genuine love from others. In my dictionary,  there is only one meaning for love... that is always true and unconditional.. I am always seek to find that right love(friendship) from others. At that age, I opted for friendship only, not love(which is attraction). But something came in between that didn't work out for me to mingle; there should some rap of 'liking' between the people to go for the next level. I didn't find both fall in the same place, so I left alone.
Above all, my friendship misfires as love when bonding with girls. So, I realised, I am always bad at friendship, basically I don't know to show it. But one thing, I could say, there is a fine thread of love, I am still sticking to it at least when they need me.
*Friendship is a need in deed.

Thirdly, courage:
Your friends list may vary different genres, like mine too.  A normal average guy, blackish in color, had a curly hair, wears like an 70's hero style, proposed atmost15 girls, as I know and still always ready to be in those shoes. An another white skinned guy of nice cut-out, stylised branded wears, always fear at love, that nobody would love him. And his shyness always cost him a weak in friendships too. There I have learn, the love is in courage. If somebody, I would love, I will never hesitate to tell them.
*Courage fates the love.

Lately love:
Lastly, If I really know fall in love, may be I end up like a ghost soon. But, some one knocked the door of true thing and showed that it is not always a safe journey. But, my possessiveness always showed that I am immature in love. Finally, I came to know, the real love is in others happiness. I turned to be whatever to see someone's life to be happy.
*Love is not about in taking, instead it is in giving.

These have turned me, and make me stood what I am now. May be some people turned you too in your life..  Just think about it. After all, Life is memories of Love..