Saturday, June 25, 2016

Turning a kinley soda bottle into 3 reusable items.

After widening the thoughts on converting plastic waste into reusable items, a 1 litre kinley soda bottle could make into 3 reusable items. 

Here it is how:


Item 1 : Transparent Box 
Item 2 : Art on Plastic 
Item 3 : Plastic Seal cover(to keep provisions) 

Friday, June 24, 2016

Art on reusable items

I am an artist and also an environment lover. Every time I feel bad when someone wasting the resources. And here are my collaboration of arts with reusable items.

Art 1 : Flower-wase with glass bottle.

Art 2 : Art on glass bottle.

Art 3 : Art on plastic bottle.

Reusable items :

Item 1 : Dust collector

Item 2 : Tiny Holder(for brushes)

Item 3 : Color Lamp

Friday, June 17, 2016

Newton's Law of love

Topic -  Love
Inspired by - self

It was the time of Newton, when there was a question why the object falls on the ground. Then he thought, surely there would a force from Earth to attract the object to make to fall on the ground.

Then what defines to make them bond together. Then he came up with the Newton first Law -  Force of gravity.

As per the law, the force of attraction between the two bodies is directly proportional to the masses of their bodies and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them.
F = G( m1 * m2) /r^2

This also defines the attraction of moon and earth to bond together and also analogous to all the planets bounded within the solar system.

But for me, it also helped to find the force of attraction between the lovers.
Here we go...

Force of attraction between me and you.
F = G( m1 * m2) /r^2
F = 9.8 (60 * 58)  / 0^2
Force of attraction = Infinity
The distance between me and you is Zero, as you always stay in heart.

Hence proved.

This is what makes the lovers bond together.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Best way to select the data pack for mobile

Genre -  Commercials
Inspired by -  self thought

Do you know you are spending INR 4 to INR 8 per 1 MB of data? In calculation, for downloading a 4 MB song you are paying off a minimum of INR 16 to 32. Surprising you?

Usually people opt for a monthly data plan(28 days) which costs around 150 to 200 INR for an 1 GB data.

In simple math,

Per day cost for 2G data = 150/28 = 5.35 INR
Per day cost for 3G data = 200/228 = 7.14 INR

Literally you are spending a max of INR 7 / day.

And per day, you could use the 36 MB of data. On an average I use 30 MB of data for myself.

So while opting a data plan, have these calculations, how much you are paying per MB in a day and a keen on how much MB usually you use per day.

These two calculations will help which data plan to opt.

Respect her

Being born as a girl is the hardest thing on this earth. And it is more worse living as a girl in this dominant world.

Firstly, the bad door knocks when parents see them as a burden to their family when they were born. From the tieing ribbon to the tieing knot, every penny need to be saved for her. Some people still waits for the next born to be a boy instead of a girl.

Secondly, living around the males is another hell. Escaping from those pinching eyes, moving around them, handling a few fellows who follows, some rage out, some pour smiles, some hurts, some nasty things ahead...every move they make should be very cautious, after all they live in an unsecured world with an unsecured people.

Thirdly, a woman has got a freedom from the kitchen to the office walls. Now she is trying to reach equal heights with male. But how secure she is in working place? as the same unmatured and indecent people around with them.

Fourthly, after living 25 years with a secured family, she need to move to  in-laws house, she adjusts and reforms, for whom she is going to spend for the rest of her life. She pays her life for being a mother, a wife and a daughter-in-law. But how many husband's &  in-laws' understanding her?

Sometimes I felt, why we can't respect them like our family.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Being an Artist (amateur)

I have read about the people born in the Month of August are skilled in arts, philosophy, science. But I am unsure at that time, but I feel it now.
I m glad share some of art works since my childhood.

Art 1: Cuddle up together
Genre : Pencil sketch

Art 2 : Kiss in the Unbrella
Genre : Silhoutte

Art 3 : Kiss in the rain
Genre : Inverse silhoutte - graphite powder rub

Samsung Note Arts:

Genre : Hand ease draw

Eyes cant cry alone

You are my Angel


Love has wings

Flowers bouquet


Flower wase


Always Together

Love will always together
Sketch & Pencil arts:
Genre : Colour/Pencil Sketch
Troy soldier


Twin fishes


angry bee

Lord Vinayaka

Lord Krishna & Radha

Surfing ted

Flying swans


Lord Sakthi

Love birds


Kissing a girl

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Lover's mind

Inspired by -  Love
Topic -  The utopia of a lover

Being in love is the best part to any person. But I have seen so many end, leaving them alone.

But, here I want to share the best things that be in love.

1. No sleep
Those nights speaks inner of you. But still donno how they manage the days.

2. Angel
No women will not as gorgeous as her. And every girl seems to be her.

3. Secrets
There won't be any hidings. Every thing will be pass on to each other.

4. No world
You could see the world through her eyes. She will be your world.

5. New name
You would hide her from friends, at least you will change her name in the mobile contacts.

6. More lies
You need to skip the plans with your friends, which make you to tell lie more.

7. Confidence
Love fills confidence,  you will be more brave than before. At least you will thought to hit on someone's nose.

8. Caring
You will be the best caring of the world. After her dad, you will be the most caring person.

9. Mad
You will be crazy kid, you jump, you hide and you play around.

10. Crazy
The one thing in love is,  you will never feel the lose, as everything seems to be perfect and you go nuts too. May you will bring the moon to her too.

11. Patience
Love itself a responsibility and you will learn more be with patience.  Strictly applicable for boys only.

12. Avid talker
Love will definitely make you to learn to share, listen the memories. Later you more become as a avid talker.

13. Pain
Last but not least, you may cry, you may depressed, but at final you will learn to bear the pain.

Note : May be one experience more than above, but I have limited only to these. In the sea of love, I scribbled a drops of thirteen.