Friday, September 6, 2013

"Unity in Diversty of Love........!!!"

After so many days of struggle, I came up with the some idea. But again it hits the love concept as previous.

Here we go. Let me share my idea and be ready for that.

India - Epics - Customs.

There are some set of principles encoded in the epics, the ability to think between the good and bad is the base line of the epic. And also includes the character of being a human. This is what my belief and so many of too. 

That is what the people of India follows. The principles passes from generation to generation.
May be people of my next generation was not much aware of much principles. But there are so many changes seen in the customs and principles of our people in my generation.
Here comes my idea.

Behind the principles, I am taking the concept of love.

Initially, lets take you to the "Dwapara Yuga", where the Lord Krishna put his mark for that yuga. There only it develops the concept of love(initial love, as per my understanding). May be every one aware of the love between the Radha and Krishna. I am not going deep into their love, I am taking only the last part. Finally, The LOVE has FAILED. May be, we should not say that Love has failed, the pair was not succeeded in it. The reasons are still unknown. May be there are some reasons like they are from different communities or his parents not accepted, leaving to your thoughts.

It was past. Then what's Now.

Along with the principles, they adapted the love from epics. But unfortunately, I have not seen the more successful stories, may be this was what they passed. This is the different story.

Let me take to the another part of it.

Love is the one feeling that nobody can predict, when it happens, can't even tell the reasons for that feeling. It just happens. It doesn't see the communities, race or regions. May be this was the reason behind those unsuccessful stories as each region doesn't accept the others' customs, even we call India as a Unity in Diversity of people. But if they accept, we can see the new India, Unity in diversity of Love.

More successful stories will bring all the communities/races gathered in each and every regions. So there won't be no concept of Caste. I think after a few years, we can see Caste-Free India.

This is what I want to share to you.