Sunday, April 7, 2013

In The ‘Dark’ Memory of………….

“It was noon 1:40…….
I can feel the hotness on my body…..
I was walking in the Madras War Cemetery by playing around the memories in my mind.......”

        I can sense the lined up graves in front of me. Each of it engraved with the names of soldiers who died in the World War II. I was finding the way to see your name on the plaques. I didn’t find. Also, my eyes didn’t help to find your name too.
       But, I just stopped unintentionally when my heart caught the name of yours. I came close to you. My hand touched the corners of the plaque and just lining the carved name.
       The two drops of tears rolled down on the ground. I can feel your image was before me. I was rewinding the words carefully that we shared before going to say bye to each other, now, they only left with me.

The days gone back to.......

       That was your first visit to the home in the good year. You came to the home after you completed the days in the military base. I am the one who was not on the ground that day when I heard the news. I arranged all the dishes of your favourites. I was waiting with my open heart.
       The pleasant seconds were on my side now. I hugged you after so many days and kissed on your cheek ignoring the wound that caused in reaching you at the gate.
       The days passed and blossomed like a first flower in the spring. We spent, we loved, we cared, we laughed... everything went boomed until I see the attending letter for the war.
       My heart cried than never before. But, I sent you with a smile hoping you will return soon. It’s a responsibility of every women who living on this ground.

After some more days.....

       I was hearing the voices on AIR. Every time, I was praying to the God, that I should not hear any bad news about you.
       But that awkward moment knocked the door and gone. I was not in consciousness to think or when it happened, that you were no more.
       Today, I left in grieve with your remembrance.

“Really, you left me in darkness besides my BLINDNESS…..
He collapsed all wishes that I could feel you forever on my side,
I cursed Him for the first time for making me BLIND”.