Thursday, January 9, 2014

Why it is called as "Maaya"??

Oops. Sorry if you got bored of my short stories of love. I hope, I know only this and I am only good at these. And my eyes and my heart will always look and easily grasp these things.

Here is my story line, why we called it as “Maaya”( May be called as magic in English). No doubt, I am referring to love only.

While asleep this idea ticked my mind and let my mind to think of it for some time, why we refer love as ‘Maaya’. Go through my idea.

First of all, Falling in love is not in our hands, and we donno when this love bug will enter into our body. And it is not susceptible too. But it happens. It just happens.

And once this bug has entered into our body, we lost everything. Here are some examples, people will live in utopia; the phone calls to friends will decrease; the words delivered will be less; always wear a small curve on face, but huge battle inside; in short, we almost live in a desert with a tank full of beer beside us. May be in the desert it is the alluring one, if we don’t have anything. Why, I supposed it as a beer is, the only two things which makes our world forgettable are “Girls” and “Wine”. Both have good connection.

And come back to our story, and we almost madly adore that person and we will give more importance than any other. 

Even if they sneeze also, the other one will become as a doctor. I donno when they got P.hD in Medical Sciences.
If they are telling any problems, I donno when they learned the word ‘patience’.
If they travelling alone, I donno when they traveled before in the same road and they would fill the safety suggestions box.

Totally, all their nerves and mind will occupy with themselves and each nerve will carry the info of his/her.

They don’t even get a chance to think anything except them, if they truly love. Now tell where is the chance to carry the other info through nerves to their mind. They truly are in drunken state, whch we called as Maaya.

My part is done.