Thursday, April 13, 2017

A great son

Inspired by - From the words of Aunty.

This is the story of my son, she revealed which is well known to her. It costs his life & love. Now running small business and newly got married.

I came while she cursing her daughter in law, she is not at all clean and tidy. Not even take her plate after the meal. Roams around while there was utensils cleaning. Bad at cooking. The list is not enough.

Then she started about her son's ex. She used to come here, she is 5.6 tall and fair enough and all the goodness is in her attitude. Even she is from high class, she always mingle with others. She takes the plate after her meal. Used to ask to me to wear nice Sarees. She asked for a help on one day, on her assurance, lending some huge amount to her friend. But he never asks her.

I could see those blinking and storming eyes while she describing her. Then I provoked to tell the story.

One day, my son got a call from unknown number. They passed the message that your father was met with an accident. He ran to the spot as soon as he can. His father was in the trauma while he reach there. They admitted him to the nearest hospital. Doctors insisted to take him to the specialty hospital. He is in ICU for the couple of years. We just poured the money like water.

My son used to get a call from the hospital. He couldn't balance both the work and personal life. He used to go by 10 in the morning to the office, within an hour he will ran to the hospital.

They shifted his father to the new hospital, doctors said that don't waste money on him. But his son don't want to leave any chance.

Her girl friend used to visit his hospital. She helped a lot in hospital formalities.

Another bad news hit him soon, He lost his job. He taken care fully on his father now. By the God's grace he is back to the life, but he is mentally illed.

Everything is fine now in the life of hospitalized father, but his son costed his career for his father's life. He never spoke much to his father before the accident, but he is alone care taker now.

He switched couple of jobs, but none of them make him settle down. Apart from this, his financial situation drags to abyss. He asked his girlfriend to return some of his money he lent to his friend. But that didn't work out. She couldn't help him.

But on one final day, she broke up with him. Reasons were not revealed. May they suspects that he is not capable to look after her.

Now he is running this business on his shoulders looking after his father.

He lost his career, he lost his love, and now leading this small broken business.

I never scold my husband, even he didn't allow to scold his father. A great son.

Do you know you are spending 5000 - 7000 per year, an average of 500 per month on mobile

This is a simple calculation which knocked my mind about spending on the mobile.

I took an iPhone, a refabricated one and spent around 8000 bucks for it.

I thought like I could run the show for 2 years at least. I have successfully completed one year without any hiccups.

So the average spend on my mobile is 4000 per year.

Calculated as 4000/12 = 333.33 rupees per month.

And when my friend took an Android mobile of around 16000, everything has been doubled. Whatever you can with  your Android phone, it hardly spans for not more than 2 years.

So he spent 8000 per year and 666 rupees per month.

If phone has been bought at 32000, it is 1332 rupees which is equal to the interest to be earned from FD of 16000 for per year.

It is better if you buying the phone, make an equal amount to FD to cover your expense on phone.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Is love fragile thing?

Is the love really fragile? This question pinched me in my mind.

Let's see some case studies on both sides.

Favours :
1. We often ignore the mistakes of our loved ones. Then it is not weak.
2. We do care more than ourselves, in turn loving them more than ourselves. So, it will never break easily.
3. Even we apart, we do think about them. So, it is never forgettable.

1. We will give them the love, but if they are not really worth, or not valuing our love. Then the relationship breaks.
2. How long the love stands if it is one-sided?

So the love is not fragile, if it is mutual. If not, it will not stand long. So,  value the others love, to keep the relations.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Love will never die.

Inspired by Majnu movie...

I don't know wherever I go, I could find a reason to remember you. May be I still didn't forgot you.

I closed my eyes when you seeing me, as it is a sin.
I closed my heart when you near me, as it is already broken.

I was full dead when I can't own you. But I am finding you in every part of me. I am bearing your soul with my body.

These many days I am living like you, as you taught how to be.
These many people I have gained, as you taught what is love.

One fine day, you knocked me. I don't know, what I should do. Those old memories hit me bad.

As it is running, another story forming in my premises.

Some other one shared your memories, but she is bearing my soul in her body.

Now the you in me started loving me in some other one. I am seeing myself in new one, and the you in me trying to change her like you.

May be the love is getting passed through you to me and then to her. But in real, the bodies are their own bearing some other souls.

At last, the pain is shared among each other. And the real you is formed in all our souls to spread the love.

Love will never die...
My kadhal devathai.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

There are no Mr. Perfects? and Miss Perfects?

I do mistakes and we often do mistakes in life, in work. But that doesn't mean we are not skilled and not a potential person.

I want to convey to two things here.

First thing is in life, we do mistakes because we don't know how to deal with the situation, some times it lead to the bad decision. And we learn something from those mistakes and we gain the experience. And if the same situation happens in his or others life, he can handle and guide them the way to the problem.

Second thing in work, we do not think more and often not find the way to come out of the problem in the program 's logic. It is the duty of the mentor to guide them and show the solution, but it should never be spoon feeding. The real thing is we need to kick start some thing, and in the way if we have the problems, we could seek the mentor' s help, but without the even try, one should not reach them, then you will never learn anything.

And the people in the higher level, should understand the fellows, there won't be Mr. Perfects or Miss. Perfects.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Difference between my job and life

Topic -  Dont mix life and work
Inspired by -  Self

The profession test engineer is cumbersome job, of course, I fall into the same category. Our job is to find the bugs in an application. When one  want to convey the same, he/she should be careful in describing the missing gap against the requirement. As it should not never hurt them, after all it is a bug in the application designed by them, of course it happens, but it doesn't relate to inability (skill) of him. It is only misunderstanding of the requirements.

If this applies to the work life, the same should applies to the people around us too. One should not be finding defects in people. No one is perfect here. In personal life, people will follow their own beliefs and restricted to their own knowledge. And we are no-one to judge about their inability, as we don't know what they have gone through. It is always a good asset in one's in conveying without hurting them. This is the essential skill required in both the personal life and work life.

And we are the real risk finders and true speakerd, as we are the only in the team, who sees the negative side of the project or finds the risks ahead. And one should trust them instead of other teams.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Why God doesn't have any form?

I remember the phrase "God is nowhere". It all depends, how one understands the meaning of the phrase, the way they read it.

It may be God is no where
Or God is now here.

So, if he is here now, how he should be?  Whether he should have any form, no he doesn't. Because, the God should be everywhere and omni present. He shouldnt not any form and he is expanded in the whole universe.

God is now-here.