Sunday, July 9, 2017

Little good things

I believe there is no truly good or bad human being. He/She is composition of all emotions. Based on the learnings in his life time, one followed their heart, it may do a good or sometimes bad.

I am here, a little bad things we do, even you are true good man/woman. Hope, we should change.

This was happened when I went to hyderabad. It was during summer, it almost hits 45 degrees. I planned to go to a shopping near by MNC corridor. Before that, I went to a small vendor, who is serving a chill butter milk. I ordered a butter milk and soothening myself by dehydrating my body. A couple of other people order the same and completed their drink before me. One has offered a tear 20 rupees note, she smoothly rejected the guy, and ask him please give the other note.

After he went, she is sharing her trouble with us. Two weeks before, some one gave the same tear 50 rupees note to me, I didn't see it. I have a great trouble to change that note. Nobody took the note nor I couldn't go to bank leaving my shop, Just think yourself, you are all well educated people, is it right for you to do like this?

It hit me hard so badly, I did the same, a couple a times. When the bus conductors offered me a tear note and I circulated it at some other places.

It is human tendency, that good for good and bad to bad. I thought like why we couldn't stop this at the root itself. There after, I simply rejected taking the tear notes, and If I mistakenly got it, I am collecting those notes and exchanging from the banks.

I thought a lesson for the day and I gave a good 20 rupees note, without a tear to her and returned.

Hope I conveyed it good and it is the time for you to do good.