Friday, February 19, 2016

What I learned from my vacation

Inspiration -  Self Art
Topic - Respect to Artists & Writers Intellectual property.
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It was my first long vacation in my 6 years IT career. I took 10 days leave after I have a deal with my Manager.

But before, I thought to turn this as a long trip to Delhi, but that didn't work out. I made a route to the home, not sure about how to spend these 10 days except my long pending things which are personal.

Every month, I will plan to spend my part of time on interested fields of study. In those, Arts & Literature were the amusing fields for me. Lucky enough, I thought at the best time, where I could spend some time now to excel it.

Writers Property:
That was on my train journey to the home, I came to know about a website, where the author finds hard to get the reading books when she moved to a bangalore. She is maintaining a blog herself, and one of the post, just stucked me, saying, it is just bad reading the books without paying a royalty to the writer, where their works are intellectual property of them. We need to respect them, by borrowing the original prints.  Among countries, unfortunately, India is of them, in pirating the books printing. I relealized my mistake too.

*The author is paying a royalty to the writers upon selling the ebooks. Books are turned to ebooks after deal with writers.

Artists Intelligence:
Art is one of the powerful source tool for bringing your voice out and is a source of expression. This is as per modernism art. If we dig the roots a little, the pre historic art came for knowledge sharing; Renaissance art for aesthetic sense(Leonardo da Vinci and Michaelangelo), where inturn segregated apart the Arts and Crafts, to bring the concept of utilitarianism; Surrealism, Dada(Abstract art to show anti revolution during World War 2); Cubism changed the arts view, bought by Picasso and finally Modern art(to share the view). The art has been changed by centuries and make it is properly undefined. This is only a drop, I learn in these days.

On my long reading knowledge about the different types of art, I came to know about a few things, where my art actually fit into(My arts which were recently posted on FB walls, belong to Drawing of Fine Arts) and also we need to pay respect to the artists for their intellectual works. When I gone through a website, the author pays a royalty when turning their classic arts into embroidery paints.

For everything and everyone in this world, we need to respect their intelligence and inturn their works too.

Salute to the Artists and Writers.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Chola love story

There once a king Raja Raja Chola, ruling the south India from the Tanjore district of Tamilnadu. The near future enemies are always strolling at the near by places of Chola Kingdom. But the king is good at war for his chanakya tricks. He had a princess named kundavai, who is the beauty of the beauty, charm of charm. She is well known for her archery skills. But her view is completely contra to Raja Raja Chola, she believes war creates havoc in the peoples' lives of both kingdoms.

As he believed, the vimaladitya Prince of chalukya declared war on the Chola. But the Vimaladitya have the same feelings as does have the  Chola princess. But the being a king, he could not avoid the wars. But as his attribute, he will try to avoid the war by speaking to the enemy's king before the war for the Peace settlement, but the bad luck, no one has ever listened to his words.

He did the same thing and met the Chola king this time. But the twist is the Chola princess came for the peace treaty instead of king. He fell in love with her on first sight.

And the Princess also likes his principles and wanted to marry him.

The war ended with their marriage.