Thursday, December 26, 2013

'May' LOVE...!!!

Hello everybody, my last story has created some confusion in some of the minds. But my intention is to bring you on this blog. And I don't have any intention to articulate and manipulate the stories. My intention is good, but it went in wrong way.

Now, I have the clear idea. The only reason why the previous story mislead everyone is my lack of clarity on the story, because I donno how to end it. Anyway, past is past.

Here comes on the way to entertain some folks who supports my writing. Finally, I adore you. And this is purely my fictitious story.

That is the month of May, the season of love. Where I have seen her on a cloudy day. Yes, she almost apt for every quality of my dream girl. I proposed her on one day. But she didn't accept and also she didn't say "No" too.

Actually, "No" is the common word for girls. They never say YES. Hehehe. I Just remembered the dialogues of Power Star "Padaka povvadaniki ademanna School lo Head Master yentra.... Kondaru varaniki padataru, kondaru nela rojuluki padataru, ye ammayi aina padatam common ye, manam padakottadam aanavayiteye".

But I don't know what I have to do now. She didn't say 'Yes' or 'No'. I believe the only creature in this world who can never be understood is "girl", the puzzled one. May be some of the readers will get angry but that is true in boy's mind.

The days passed. Still I am waiting for the response. I have shown my love in and out. But she didn't respond.

Finally I came to know, that she is already in love with other. I thought, my love end in the same month of May.

But here is another twist created by Him. Later, she became close to me. But her perspective on me is "I am good friend". But it is not from my side. And also, I never forced her to love me.

This triangular story has never end. And nobody wins in this game.

Moral : Preminche mundu ammayi vacancy undo ledo kanukondra abbayalu. hehehe. :)