Thursday, December 26, 2013

'May' LOVE...!!!

Hello everybody, my last story has created some confusion in some of the minds. But my intention is to bring you on this blog. And I don't have any intention to articulate and manipulate the stories. My intention is good, but it went in wrong way.

Now, I have the clear idea. The only reason why the previous story mislead everyone is my lack of clarity on the story, because I donno how to end it. Anyway, past is past.

Here comes on the way to entertain some folks who supports my writing. Finally, I adore you. And this is purely my fictitious story.

That is the month of May, the season of love. Where I have seen her on a cloudy day. Yes, she almost apt for every quality of my dream girl. I proposed her on one day. But she didn't accept and also she didn't say "No" too.

Actually, "No" is the common word for girls. They never say YES. Hehehe. I Just remembered the dialogues of Power Star "Padaka povvadaniki ademanna School lo Head Master yentra.... Kondaru varaniki padataru, kondaru nela rojuluki padataru, ye ammayi aina padatam common ye, manam padakottadam aanavayiteye".

But I don't know what I have to do now. She didn't say 'Yes' or 'No'. I believe the only creature in this world who can never be understood is "girl", the puzzled one. May be some of the readers will get angry but that is true in boy's mind.

The days passed. Still I am waiting for the response. I have shown my love in and out. But she didn't respond.

Finally I came to know, that she is already in love with other. I thought, my love end in the same month of May.

But here is another twist created by Him. Later, she became close to me. But her perspective on me is "I am good friend". But it is not from my side. And also, I never forced her to love me.

This triangular story has never end. And nobody wins in this game.

Moral : Preminche mundu ammayi vacancy undo ledo kanukondra abbayalu. hehehe. :) 

Friday, November 1, 2013

It's a Journey of Love!!

As usual, this time my mind searches for what is Love?? How it happens?? Then I started to note down the points in love from my experiences when my friends shared their love stories. From those stories, I consolidated the following points in 7 stages. I never experienced love, but these are the experiences of others love. May be, I wouldn't script it properly, but I always welcome to correct me and I value your thoughts. It is a open welcome who have hearts to read it, experience it, share it, correct it. After all, Love is the only word left to share my thoughts.

Here we go;

Stage 1 : See through your heart:

There is no time stamp when the love will starts and there would be no reason behind it too. If any one says it happened on a particular time, believe it is liking not a love. But there are symptoms to say it is love, it is the first time to see her/him through your heart(Find the difference between seeing through the eyes and the heart).

Stage 2: Meets the expectation for affection:

There wouldn't be a particular reason for loving her/him, but there will be one expectation for on-set of love in their hearts, where the expectation meets their own affection. There is no news that love starts at a time in both of the hearts. There will be one weak step to begin a love in another person.

Stage 3 : Initial Steps:

In whom, love touches their hearts first, they start to adore them deeply. They will build 9-store buildings in their hearts with no foundations. The opposite one can easily find especially girls can easily find it.

Back Step: If the girl/boy doesn't felt it, they starts to escape from them. It happens mostly with girls.

Stage 4: They rules your heart:

Until the opposite one recognizes their love, they rules your heart. He/she will show their 200% care and affection on them to show outwards of their love. It is the time for recognizing the love in their hearts for the another one. In this stage, boys are good at showing their unconditional love.

Back Step: They(girls) completely try to escape from the boys eyes. Some of them will force the girls to love them. Their cruel will sometimes leads to personal attack.

Stage 5: No bounds:

It may takes days to years to find/see/recognize the love in another person. Some times it may not be recognized until they are far away from them. It is a proposal time. Once they recognized their love(girls will not tell it immediately), there will be no bounds for them(boys).

Wrong Step: The only wrong step do in this stage is, they forget the parents to tell about their interest in her/him.

Stage 6: Utopia:

They have their own world in love. Even there are 100 people around them, they have their own language, even the silent eyes can communicate 1000 words between them. They fight like a kids, they share all their life to the partner. She expects an understandable heart, He expects a caring person. These are the standard expectations in love. Here girls are good at share everything to the boys. Even they share small things in their life. No one knows how long it runs, until they have a road diversion, their path is straight along.

A few daily mundanes in Utopia:
1. They woke up with greeting of good mornings. If we miss it, girls expects a reason for it.
2. Another call for confirmation that they woke up.
3. While brushing, while getting ready, every where the words travel around until they meet for a day.
4. If they are with another person, their eyes will search for them, once met they smile through eyes, speak through eyes, everything communicate between the eyes.
5. Their heart will skip the beats and experiences butterflies in a stomach, if they cross each other and until they feel comfortable to speak.
6. Once they are comfortable, the ocean of words will flow in their mouths.
7. Boys escort them and cares until they reach home safely.
8. So many words to share at nights may be whole night. It is always the best time for them. Even cellular operates opened up the gates for cutting the charges at nights.

Step 7: Time to diversion:

This is the only one the lovers wont expect. Its time to take a diversion in their way. There will be many reasons to sacrifice their love - inter caste, non-religion, unbalanced status, parents reputation, responsibilities. There will be at least 10 reasons for breaking up. Boys/Girls are almost generate 1000 watts of power during this brain storm.
           All the roads lead to Rome only, but in love all it leads to sacrifice and pain. I have seen only 1% success rate in those people who are aggressive and left all others for their love are counted ones.

I don't have any bad side on lovers from the above statement, but I feel pity on them at least you are experienced that great things(Stages 1-6) in love, be satisfy with that. And Success/Failure in love is not completely in our hands. Because,love will not see whether you are Hindu/Muslim/Christian/Black/White/Brown, it just happens. That's it.

Friday, October 11, 2013


Recently, I just self checked myself what I like and what I don't like. Then I came up with the huge list for both. But one thing got stuck up in my mind, why I don't like the gifts.

There mind started the digging. First, I found some acronym for the GIFT.

G - Give
I - It
F - For
T -Trapping(people's love)

Secondly thought, where we use the gifts in occasions and why we give the gifts??

Actually while we are going any functions like marriages/birthday parties, we would never go with the empty hands. Lets rewind a few years back, I hope there was no system like people have go with the gifts. Then there was a system like 'CHADVINPULU' (in marriages), where they will give some money to the new bride/grooms/new babies. Later this has been changed to the gifts, which mostly used in this present generations. From past to present, there is a mutual exchange.

And one more thing is, leave about the b'day parties, mostly in marriages, the crowd will be heavy and there will be commotion everywhere where we cant respond for the every situation. Then how to pop-up the guests. There again, "the gift'' will have the high impact. Frankly, on seeing the gifts, the mind automatically get attracts to it and an impression will create in mind. There, the person presence will store somewhere in their cache and it helps later to reciprocate.

So, finally, I came up with a general conclusion, there the was change from money to things(gifts) but not stopped exchanging.

Then I changed the acronym to

G - Give
I - It
F - For
T -Trust(people's love).

Friday, September 6, 2013

"Unity in Diversty of Love........!!!"

After so many days of struggle, I came up with the some idea. But again it hits the love concept as previous.

Here we go. Let me share my idea and be ready for that.

India - Epics - Customs.

There are some set of principles encoded in the epics, the ability to think between the good and bad is the base line of the epic. And also includes the character of being a human. This is what my belief and so many of too. 

That is what the people of India follows. The principles passes from generation to generation.
May be people of my next generation was not much aware of much principles. But there are so many changes seen in the customs and principles of our people in my generation.
Here comes my idea.

Behind the principles, I am taking the concept of love.

Initially, lets take you to the "Dwapara Yuga", where the Lord Krishna put his mark for that yuga. There only it develops the concept of love(initial love, as per my understanding). May be every one aware of the love between the Radha and Krishna. I am not going deep into their love, I am taking only the last part. Finally, The LOVE has FAILED. May be, we should not say that Love has failed, the pair was not succeeded in it. The reasons are still unknown. May be there are some reasons like they are from different communities or his parents not accepted, leaving to your thoughts.

It was past. Then what's Now.

Along with the principles, they adapted the love from epics. But unfortunately, I have not seen the more successful stories, may be this was what they passed. This is the different story.

Let me take to the another part of it.

Love is the one feeling that nobody can predict, when it happens, can't even tell the reasons for that feeling. It just happens. It doesn't see the communities, race or regions. May be this was the reason behind those unsuccessful stories as each region doesn't accept the others' customs, even we call India as a Unity in Diversity of people. But if they accept, we can see the new India, Unity in diversity of Love.

More successful stories will bring all the communities/races gathered in each and every regions. So there won't be no concept of Caste. I think after a few years, we can see Caste-Free India.

This is what I want to share to you.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

My Wish


A man is walking on the road... The kids are playing near by road. Unfortunately, the man has got injured by keeping leg on the slippery road.. Even no one aware of that. But one kid in the troop, saw this incident and opened his bag. He had a big watch, which can reverse the time to some extent. He reverted the clock hands to 10 min back, where the man was walking normally before. And while he almost reached to the slippery road, he cautioned him to go in another way.

Later he moved to his school. Still the lunch hour left for the kids playing, all the pupils are on the play ground. Suddenly, a boy fell down while playing on the ground. He has a big wound on his right leg. He just started crying aloud. The incident has glanced by the kid who is having the watch. He took back again the clock and reversed the time to where the kid was playing happily.

xxxx......CUT....xxxxxx......PACK UP.....xxxxxx

The shoot has been over. It is an easy thing to revert the time in a camera. but in life, it NEVER.

The kid played in the shoot, who is having the watch, is the same kid who lost his parents one year back. As a volunteer for an NGO, I met him in an orphanage. when I asked him his wish, he said, I want to revert the time before where my parents meet with an accident. I want to revert back the time and I need my parents back. I just fell down. How can I answer for his question?

Even god also doesn't give an answer for that.

This is what all can I do.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

"Four - 4"

I believe, the number four has so much relation with our life. May be we never came to notice but see my perceptions.

Birth - The New born always fill a happy moments in every family. The first touch is the best thing in this world. The father and mother touch fills more happiness for the baby, he starts the smile. The first two hands of each have so much power. The two + two = four has its essence now. And while learning the first steps, the four walks set you straight to walk you on.

Adolescent  - There is every need of friend in every step of your life. There is an old saying, try to make at least four friends, which hold you in future.

Marriage - The best part of the human life is after marriage. We have an option to choose our soul-mate to walk with us. They love each other, they born for each other to lead the best part of their life to show the world they are made for each other. The two steps followed on the same foot prints by the other two makes their bond stronger than any other.

Death - Nothing will comes with us after our death. But we left some of our goodness in others life. That is the only thing we keep our remembrance. That is the only thing makes to hold you on four sides of your death bed and give you a send off.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

It's my son's love story - Pati

I am 80. I am seeing a blur image of my son who is moving around here and there for searching medicines. It is the time to gulp it. At last he find it. He help me to take the today's dose and give a hand to leave some water into my throat. Later he go out.

I lay down on the bed. Start to remind those days of my son.

It is some where 1980's...

Our Home town is in Vellore, a border for the Chittor district. He come to the town as a teacher in a government school. I think he is around 26. The figure looks like as fierce in his eyes and long mustache as added attribute for his looks. The kids have a little fear to be in his class. Even, my daughter also studying in the same school. But I don't remember when he see my daughter and fall in love with her.

It is a mid-summer. On one day morning, even the dawn is not down, he come and stand with folded hands before me. I haven't seen the fear in his eyes, those are very sharp and spell a few words. As his eyes, the words are also very sharp.

He revealed a news that burst like a balloon. In his words "I am Kumar, working as a teacher in the school. I want to marry your daughter. I don't know how rich you are, I don't care about the caste. Just I want to marry your daughter".

For his blood, it is a nasty thing, but being in a reputable position, I can't stand on it. The anger reached my head. I threaten him with the words and try to send back him to home. But he didn't move not an inch. OK. "Bring your parents, we will talk. You are not the right one to talk in these matters." We cant do much than that. Finally he moved for these words.

The next day same morning, a 40 year man inquired me in front of my house. And said "I am Kumar's father". He disclosed about his appearance here and came to talk about his son's proposal. I just even never think of it. My daughter is about 20. I am shivering how I need to respond to him. I asked him some time for thinking. He went back.

At that time, my cousin's inquired and said it is the best match, we can't even get that match if we search from our side. With the help of them, I grant their marriage and the son-in-law be a part of my family.

In the life's cross ways, I stood single. At that time, my son-in-law stood back of me and still he is taking care of me. I don't want him to call as a son-in-law, he is my SON. Yes, he is my son only.

Friday, May 24, 2013

The Rich Guy's heart

"Is it my mistake to be born as a Rich? Why they cant see me as a normal man. Whenever I tries to be as normal, they are reminding me as a rich and put aside".

This is the grief a rich guy shared.

I can explain my feelings with one more incident. I tried to hang up with all the friends. I know that I have a group that all were from different classes of mid rich and medium. But my intention was to spend some time with them. Money was not at all concern for this. But I tried to arrange the party. I looked after everything. Even I served the drinks to my friends. But I never feel ashamed, before all, they are my friends. The party was over. Everybody was in super state. They are happy. And in turn, I am happy. But I heard what the words I never wants to hear. They mumbled these things after the party.
              "He is the rich guy. He can these parties in numbers of 100. It is not his money". This one word collapsed me. Was it my mistake to be born as a Rich? Can't I eligible to show the love on my friends.

But after all, they are my friends. I never want them down when I am here.

I have seen the guys who become friends with some wants. I can easily find them. I tried to avoid them as much I can. But they gossip as "That rich guy has a pride". I don't understand this world and people in this society.

Being a rich is my fault or giving this functions in brain is His fault. 

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

What is the connection between the 'Heart' and 'Brain'?

There is a huge conversation on Love between the two friends.

One friend ask like this. What is the connection between the 'Heart' and 'Brain'? Does the heart have any feelings? In my opinion, Heart is a dumb machine which roars with the two sounds Lub-Dub. But I still donno how this dumb machine became an important thing in the every aspects of love for writers.

Then after a long thought he continued like this....

While creating the man, God has posing attributes to each part of the body. And he is connecting every part to come under the brain control. But he waited while adding the attributes to the Heart. He has given some special qualities for the heart. "The only function which cannot control by the brain all the times". But the other parts should function under the commands of brain. Like, in coma, some of the parts may wont receive the commands from the brain. And it not all function. But Heart never comes under the brain.
                  Even the heart attack is due to blocking the blood vessels but not due to brain. It's all indirect way.

Then what is the reason for appending the Love to heart?

Hmmm.... okie. Let assume, you are walking alone in the midnight and all of sudden, some one hold you back. You just stuck. Then what are the changes you observe in your body? The sweating comes on my body, the heart beat rate increase than normal. Okie. Suppose, when your lover give a hand to you. And you are in huge pain. Then what is your reaction? Yeah. The eyes fill with tears. The heart functioning is almost negligible to me. 

So, in every happy or pain, who comes in the scene, the "Heart". Even though the feelings are created in the brain, the reaction happens in the Heart.

So, whom I have to consider Hero for the drama. Obviously it is "Heart". The feelings are created in the brain, but the heart takes away the prestige.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

In The ‘Dark’ Memory of………….

“It was noon 1:40…….
I can feel the hotness on my body…..
I was walking in the Madras War Cemetery by playing around the memories in my mind.......”

        I can sense the lined up graves in front of me. Each of it engraved with the names of soldiers who died in the World War II. I was finding the way to see your name on the plaques. I didn’t find. Also, my eyes didn’t help to find your name too.
       But, I just stopped unintentionally when my heart caught the name of yours. I came close to you. My hand touched the corners of the plaque and just lining the carved name.
       The two drops of tears rolled down on the ground. I can feel your image was before me. I was rewinding the words carefully that we shared before going to say bye to each other, now, they only left with me.

The days gone back to.......

       That was your first visit to the home in the good year. You came to the home after you completed the days in the military base. I am the one who was not on the ground that day when I heard the news. I arranged all the dishes of your favourites. I was waiting with my open heart.
       The pleasant seconds were on my side now. I hugged you after so many days and kissed on your cheek ignoring the wound that caused in reaching you at the gate.
       The days passed and blossomed like a first flower in the spring. We spent, we loved, we cared, we laughed... everything went boomed until I see the attending letter for the war.
       My heart cried than never before. But, I sent you with a smile hoping you will return soon. It’s a responsibility of every women who living on this ground.

After some more days.....

       I was hearing the voices on AIR. Every time, I was praying to the God, that I should not hear any bad news about you.
       But that awkward moment knocked the door and gone. I was not in consciousness to think or when it happened, that you were no more.
       Today, I left in grieve with your remembrance.

“Really, you left me in darkness besides my BLINDNESS…..
He collapsed all wishes that I could feel you forever on my side,
I cursed Him for the first time for making me BLIND”.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Everlasting Girl Friend

“I know her”.
“Yes, I know her very well”.
“She is my….”

She lives beneath floor of my room. Actually, she is my owner’s daughter. She grabbed my look when I got down first time as a tenant into her house. But at that time, we didn't speak. Only our eyes speak.

The days in the calendar has rolled as fast as a dice which jumps from one's hand (to roll down). But each day has its special as her innocent eyes, her cute smile, her long hair and……. I can’t limit here. I got to know each of her asset on each day. But still we never spoke.  

One day, with a collective strength of my guts, I asked her name. I didn't hear any word. But a simple curve responded on her face. I didn’t force to ask her name, because it is her smile that makes me to forget this world besides her name. After that I never tried to ask her name, because, I carved a name for her and call on my own. I think, she don’t mind, if I reveal afterwards once we met.

It’s a glory day in my life; she is as fabulous as ever. It’s her appearance, her outfit that makes her more outstanding. The eyes don’t allow looking any other things except her.  Hope, she didn't observe me. But, she did. It is the best skill for girls. They have powerful eyes as eagle and can smell fast as rats. 

It has been one year, till now I don’t know her name. But it is not the one, I want. I want to ask her more questions as many nerves I have. Each one of them carrying different questions to my mind. But my final destiny is same…

Why you are taking my breath away?
Why you are filling my eyes with your image?
Why you are filling my mind with your memories?

I am begging Him for a chance. But He never listen my words.

It is my last day from being here. I completed my part here, and moving to a new place. I remember her last look. The unspoken love ends at the end of the street.

After three years…

I am riding on the bike. I am in a hurry to my Office. It is the very important day in my life. My bike hits the mark for “90”. I am managing my ride for each turn I take. 

All of a sudden, an old lady trying to cross the road opposite to me. The bike horn doesn’t alert her. I almost crossed her in a fine hair cut. But I lost my balance. The bike hit a lady who was standing at the safe edge of the road and dragged almost for half a mile along with me.

I have her on my back. I turned around. I can see her face.

“I know her”.
“Yes, I know her very well”.
“She is my Angel

Yes, my mind collected the memories and put a well-known face in-front of me. It is her. Yes, it is her only. I just screamed for meeting her. And she is in-front of me. I am lucky that finally I met her. Oh God, Thank you. Thank you very much. I am turning rounds on my bike.

But in a less span of time, we hit to a pole. Cursedly, she is in between. I tried to grab her hand. But I couldn’t.

I remember, in the next hour, we are in our own wards at the Hospital. The Helmet saves my life, but not her. Had a huge damage on her head, She went to Coma and left me in trauma.

It has been another three years…..until now,
She is still in sleep by being alive; I am dying by being alive…..