Sunday, June 23, 2013

"Four - 4"

I believe, the number four has so much relation with our life. May be we never came to notice but see my perceptions.

Birth - The New born always fill a happy moments in every family. The first touch is the best thing in this world. The father and mother touch fills more happiness for the baby, he starts the smile. The first two hands of each have so much power. The two + two = four has its essence now. And while learning the first steps, the four walks set you straight to walk you on.

Adolescent  - There is every need of friend in every step of your life. There is an old saying, try to make at least four friends, which hold you in future.

Marriage - The best part of the human life is after marriage. We have an option to choose our soul-mate to walk with us. They love each other, they born for each other to lead the best part of their life to show the world they are made for each other. The two steps followed on the same foot prints by the other two makes their bond stronger than any other.

Death - Nothing will comes with us after our death. But we left some of our goodness in others life. That is the only thing we keep our remembrance. That is the only thing makes to hold you on four sides of your death bed and give you a send off.