Tuesday, May 28, 2013

It's my son's love story - Pati

I am 80. I am seeing a blur image of my son who is moving around here and there for searching medicines. It is the time to gulp it. At last he find it. He help me to take the today's dose and give a hand to leave some water into my throat. Later he go out.

I lay down on the bed. Start to remind those days of my son.

It is some where 1980's...

Our Home town is in Vellore, a border for the Chittor district. He come to the town as a teacher in a government school. I think he is around 26. The figure looks like as fierce in his eyes and long mustache as added attribute for his looks. The kids have a little fear to be in his class. Even, my daughter also studying in the same school. But I don't remember when he see my daughter and fall in love with her.

It is a mid-summer. On one day morning, even the dawn is not down, he come and stand with folded hands before me. I haven't seen the fear in his eyes, those are very sharp and spell a few words. As his eyes, the words are also very sharp.

He revealed a news that burst like a balloon. In his words "I am Kumar, working as a teacher in the school. I want to marry your daughter. I don't know how rich you are, I don't care about the caste. Just I want to marry your daughter".

For his blood, it is a nasty thing, but being in a reputable position, I can't stand on it. The anger reached my head. I threaten him with the words and try to send back him to home. But he didn't move not an inch. OK. "Bring your parents, we will talk. You are not the right one to talk in these matters." We cant do much than that. Finally he moved for these words.

The next day same morning, a 40 year man inquired me in front of my house. And said "I am Kumar's father". He disclosed about his appearance here and came to talk about his son's proposal. I just even never think of it. My daughter is about 20. I am shivering how I need to respond to him. I asked him some time for thinking. He went back.

At that time, my cousin's inquired and said it is the best match, we can't even get that match if we search from our side. With the help of them, I grant their marriage and the son-in-law be a part of my family.

In the life's cross ways, I stood single. At that time, my son-in-law stood back of me and still he is taking care of me. I don't want him to call as a son-in-law, he is my SON. Yes, he is my son only.