Friday, May 24, 2013

The Rich Guy's heart

"Is it my mistake to be born as a Rich? Why they cant see me as a normal man. Whenever I tries to be as normal, they are reminding me as a rich and put aside".

This is the grief a rich guy shared.

I can explain my feelings with one more incident. I tried to hang up with all the friends. I know that I have a group that all were from different classes of mid rich and medium. But my intention was to spend some time with them. Money was not at all concern for this. But I tried to arrange the party. I looked after everything. Even I served the drinks to my friends. But I never feel ashamed, before all, they are my friends. The party was over. Everybody was in super state. They are happy. And in turn, I am happy. But I heard what the words I never wants to hear. They mumbled these things after the party.
              "He is the rich guy. He can these parties in numbers of 100. It is not his money". This one word collapsed me. Was it my mistake to be born as a Rich? Can't I eligible to show the love on my friends.

But after all, they are my friends. I never want them down when I am here.

I have seen the guys who become friends with some wants. I can easily find them. I tried to avoid them as much I can. But they gossip as "That rich guy has a pride". I don't understand this world and people in this society.

Being a rich is my fault or giving this functions in brain is His fault.