Wednesday, August 14, 2013

My Wish


A man is walking on the road... The kids are playing near by road. Unfortunately, the man has got injured by keeping leg on the slippery road.. Even no one aware of that. But one kid in the troop, saw this incident and opened his bag. He had a big watch, which can reverse the time to some extent. He reverted the clock hands to 10 min back, where the man was walking normally before. And while he almost reached to the slippery road, he cautioned him to go in another way.

Later he moved to his school. Still the lunch hour left for the kids playing, all the pupils are on the play ground. Suddenly, a boy fell down while playing on the ground. He has a big wound on his right leg. He just started crying aloud. The incident has glanced by the kid who is having the watch. He took back again the clock and reversed the time to where the kid was playing happily.

xxxx......CUT....xxxxxx......PACK UP.....xxxxxx

The shoot has been over. It is an easy thing to revert the time in a camera. but in life, it NEVER.

The kid played in the shoot, who is having the watch, is the same kid who lost his parents one year back. As a volunteer for an NGO, I met him in an orphanage. when I asked him his wish, he said, I want to revert the time before where my parents meet with an accident. I want to revert back the time and I need my parents back. I just fell down. How can I answer for his question?

Even god also doesn't give an answer for that.

This is what all can I do.