Thursday, June 16, 2016

Best way to select the data pack for mobile

Genre -  Commercials
Inspired by -  self thought

Do you know you are spending INR 4 to INR 8 per 1 MB of data? In calculation, for downloading a 4 MB song you are paying off a minimum of INR 16 to 32. Surprising you?

Usually people opt for a monthly data plan(28 days) which costs around 150 to 200 INR for an 1 GB data.

In simple math,

Per day cost for 2G data = 150/28 = 5.35 INR
Per day cost for 3G data = 200/228 = 7.14 INR

Literally you are spending a max of INR 7 / day.

And per day, you could use the 36 MB of data. On an average I use 30 MB of data for myself.

So while opting a data plan, have these calculations, how much you are paying per MB in a day and a keen on how much MB usually you use per day.

These two calculations will help which data plan to opt.