Saturday, June 4, 2016

Lover's mind

Inspired by -  Love
Topic -  The utopia of a lover

Being in love is the best part to any person. But I have seen so many end, leaving them alone.

But, here I want to share the best things that be in love.

1. No sleep
Those nights speaks inner of you. But still donno how they manage the days.

2. Angel
No women will not as gorgeous as her. And every girl seems to be her.

3. Secrets
There won't be any hidings. Every thing will be pass on to each other.

4. No world
You could see the world through her eyes. She will be your world.

5. New name
You would hide her from friends, at least you will change her name in the mobile contacts.

6. More lies
You need to skip the plans with your friends, which make you to tell lie more.

7. Confidence
Love fills confidence,  you will be more brave than before. At least you will thought to hit on someone's nose.

8. Caring
You will be the best caring of the world. After her dad, you will be the most caring person.

9. Mad
You will be crazy kid, you jump, you hide and you play around.

10. Crazy
The one thing in love is,  you will never feel the lose, as everything seems to be perfect and you go nuts too. May you will bring the moon to her too.

11. Patience
Love itself a responsibility and you will learn more be with patience.  Strictly applicable for boys only.

12. Avid talker
Love will definitely make you to learn to share, listen the memories. Later you more become as a avid talker.

13. Pain
Last but not least, you may cry, you may depressed, but at final you will learn to bear the pain.

Note : May be one experience more than above, but I have limited only to these. In the sea of love, I scribbled a drops of thirteen.