Monday, May 16, 2016


Topic -  Inter- Marriages (between different nations/religions/castes)
Inspired by -  self thought

If something is happening at present, it is not newly formed now. It would have the roots somewhere in the past.

Have you ever heard about the word "Epigamia"?

During the ancient period, it is not allowed to marriage between persons of a different nations. To make it sustainable their community or religion, someone put a rule to marry a man/woman within their community and religion.

But if you see, during the mauryan period(300 BC), a war between the Seleucus I and chandra Gupta Maurya ended with a peace treaty, and "an intermarriage agreement" (epigamia)

"meaning either a dynastic marriage or a more general agreement for intermarriage between Indians and Greeks. Accordingly, Seleucus ceded to Chandragupta his northwestern territories as far as Arachosia and received 500 war elephants (which played a key role in the victory of Seleucus at the Battle of Ipsus)"
Source -  Wikipedia

It is a marriage between different nations.


A great reformer, founder of Dravidian Movement, E.V. Ramasamy, twisted the government with the rules of Self Respect Marriage.

His claims:
1. Inequality among people.
2. All the people are treated equally.

Because of self respect marriage, a more couples are married between the different religions. And also gave life to the widowers.

A Hindu Marriage act (Madras Amendment) 1967 introduced section 7A, permitting self respect marriages as legal.


Present Love marriages will prove that it is not a matter of caste or religion.  After all we are humans. But still is not indigestible for the past generations, but note that it is world is changing, implies we are changing.