Saturday, January 16, 2016

Four things I learnt from people (for love).

After so many people crossways through my life, I came across a few people, and which turned out my perceptions for love in life.  Here we go...

First beauty crush:
I have a little crush on a girl staying in front of my home. She looks gorgeous of her age. Later, I hardly stayed in my home due to my studies at out stations. May be after some couple of 5 years, I saw her in her brother marriage. The total shine of her adolescent age faded away now.  Then, I came to know that external beauty is not permanent. Soon it will be fade away.
*Love is not an external thing.

Second childish friendship:
Since my childhood, I have always a longing feeling, that I expect a genuine love from others. In my dictionary,  there is only one meaning for love... that is always true and unconditional.. I am always seek to find that right love(friendship) from others. At that age, I opted for friendship only, not love(which is attraction). But something came in between that didn't work out for me to mingle; there should some rap of 'liking' between the people to go for the next level. I didn't find both fall in the same place, so I left alone.
Above all, my friendship misfires as love when bonding with girls. So, I realised, I am always bad at friendship, basically I don't know to show it. But one thing, I could say, there is a fine thread of love, I am still sticking to it at least when they need me.
*Friendship is a need in deed.

Thirdly, courage:
Your friends list may vary different genres, like mine too.  A normal average guy, blackish in color, had a curly hair, wears like an 70's hero style, proposed atmost15 girls, as I know and still always ready to be in those shoes. An another white skinned guy of nice cut-out, stylised branded wears, always fear at love, that nobody would love him. And his shyness always cost him a weak in friendships too. There I have learn, the love is in courage. If somebody, I would love, I will never hesitate to tell them.
*Courage fates the love.

Lately love:
Lastly, If I really know fall in love, may be I end up like a ghost soon. But, some one knocked the door of true thing and showed that it is not always a safe journey. But, my possessiveness always showed that I am immature in love. Finally, I came to know, the real love is in others happiness. I turned to be whatever to see someone's life to be happy.
*Love is not about in taking, instead it is in giving.

These have turned me, and make me stood what I am now. May be some people turned you too in your life..  Just think about it. After all, Life is memories of Love..