Friday, January 22, 2016

Why the lovers got separated?

Inspiration -  self
Topic -  Love

When he is getting wet in the rain, nobody wouldn't find that he is crying. The tears not for the physical pain, it is pain in the heart, because of the so-called love.

What is there in love? Why it would wreck the person's heart into the pieces and shattered around that nobody would able to pick it. From this, firstly, why love has been at lose, and why the lovers got separated? How He could play with the tiny hearts?

Yes He will break the hearts, and he is solely responsible. Then the question is why?

I could see some light in the tunnel. A mirror is like heart. A heart feels the love. If the mirror drops from height and scattered into pieces, does it fades away the image?  Nope, it never. A thousand of reflections can seen. Like, the wounded heart will share tons of love. Because, it knows the value of love.
       From the side of me, if you have through the love, someway, you lost yourself,  you could see the fathom of your heart, literally, you die as yourself and reborn as her. When your heart broken, you know the value of it and you will never make the someone's heart to be broken. The precious of love has been to the side of impeccable.

Like, the magnet never lose its properties of attraction, love never lose its sustenance. Somewhere it will die and reborn to make it immortal.

Love never dies....