Saturday, January 30, 2016

My crush on her!!!

It was my crush on her..  But she came late into my life..  No regrets,  I welcomed her with a sweet kiss on her cheek and gave a tight hug. But when she left me...  I literally cried for her. I had so many memories with her..  None to forget. None of them return again.

Oooooooo....  Wait...  She is not a girl...  It was my first mobile. And here is my crush on it.

When every one sneaking out their mobiles from pockets, I just stared at the empty Blue sky. When everyone alerted for the ring tone,  I just became deaf, what to do.. I don't have this tiny 4'' inch mobile until my B. Tech third year.

It was on July 31, 2008. I went to a shop near my town with my dad and uncle. The sales person showed dozen of mobiles, but none of them allured me. But a tiny rectangular with nice flat finished corners in silver colored came to fit in my phant pockets. I came to know, I have a special liking on the rectangular finished flat corners like in iPhone 4s. I bagged a 4000 bucks to the shopper and grabbed my tiny love.

Firstly, what I did with this tiny angel. Yes.. I did as everyone do. Texting, Calling, hearing 4 most-loved Songs. Of course, it have 4MB space.  Err...  You have heard it correctly. In 4MB, I have struggled to keep my most nostalgic playlist. Don't surprise, you also could do it. But not in MP3 format, it should in .AAC format.  Thanks to the technology, it is the format I figured out which will squeeze/compress 4MB to 1MB without noise.

Then that day came as unknowingly..  I damn travelled for almost 2 and 1/2 days and in another 1/2 day, I would complete my 1000 km in 3 days. Under my deep tiredness, mobile has been slipped away. I remain silent for the shock.

Yes... I cried like some passed away. But...  Why?

Yeah...  I have the reasons, my mobile is not just like other, it is my memory box. The first message I sent to my friends Nazia, Rajasekhar etc, bunch of depicted messages by me for each of my friends b'day, My prank messages which I sent like a child, Rare Photos which would never return, all my contacts collected for an year, the recordings of friends voices...  Everything has been slipped away in a narrow cut. My memories can't be get again. I lost it.

This is not kind of adorance on the non-living things, it is kind of love on the memories. I don't love the things, but memories.