Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The Love Not Taken

The life always gives two options for a problem in life, like said by Robert Frost, there is always an ambiguity on the road to be taken and road not be taken. He only inspired to write this story.. what love would give two options for a someone, who loved? Not like to use past tense for love.

This thought inspires me to write this story. So, many lovezzz may not end successful, some got shredded while having little feathers, some crossed the hard and burden way, while the rest reaches to the church.

The feeling of love would not give by many, it is someone would crack your heart and show yourself newly and make you live in the Utopia, would bring your bad out to make you pure. That is what love gives you. If someone not go through it, may be you have missed knowing yourself.
             The other end of love, would give you so much pain, make you cry, make you weak by heart, make you not to stand firmly, make you not to think anything expect about her. This pain will always give for every love.

Like in the middle of man, someone would knock your door as a life partner... may be there you have a question for two options...!!!! either you need to go on by keeping her in memories or you live/die with her.

In either way, there is no fail in love. If the other one came in your life, she will be with you in your memories, if she alone come in your life, you are the one who is the luckiest in the world. There is no option to die for her, bcoz, this life has given by your parents, you have no right to give for someone other than your parents.

No die for love, nor her. May be in memories, may be walking side by you....
After all, life need to be go on.......