Monday, October 19, 2015

IT Language

A language is a medium to communicate between the persons or a one to the groups. India has been divided based on the spoken languages people. We have differrent states for each language spoken by the people. Of course, some states has been separated even same language has been spoken.

After the Information Technology has been ruling over the countries, different languages spoken people has been gathered at the same place, like a hindi spoken people settled in Tamil Nadu, an Orissa one moved to the Karnataka.

These people works on a million cost projects, will meet the dead lines, attend stand up meetings, will stretch the whole night to make it live.

At this pressure, employees dreaming at the night too, whether I could fix the issue where QA has raised. And tester works in the night about the testing as the build comes to their court at late nights.

Between these tensions, IT people managing their presonal life at stake. And some times, they mix the personal and work life.

Look at these conversation.

A friend came to pantry for a break and have some problem to share.

Kish : Hi Tester, how are you?
Nirvani : I am fine dude.
Kish : How is your life going?
Nirvani : Good. Howz yours???
Kish : Bahut CRITICAL se jaa raha hei. (It is going very hard)
Nirvani : what happened?
Kish : Mere owner se ISSUE yar? Dont know how to RESOLVE karna padega?
Nirvana : kya hua?
Kish :  It's a CRITICAL matter.
Nirvana : xxxxxxxxxx

Hope you understood.

I have over heard this conversation and corrected myself with the prooer words. Really, I pity on these people and thinking how our language has been changing by this IT!!!

I thought at times, how to get out of these pit-falls, even I dream sometimes about the project work in my sleep. Hope, the only way is to fill up our mind with other things, besides our office works, thats what I could do.