Saturday, November 14, 2015

Time = Love

If someone said, time is equal to money, literally they have proved by using the math formulas to insist money is directly proportional to two or three times of time you invest. Then what about love? This given a chance to derive the following formula.

Let me explain about my idea. May be, I am not biased to love this time, but we need to speak the facts. The idea behind to this relation about to my personal concern.

The boy/girl has been in love. It is their starting days of the love.
The love touches the highest peak at time.
Or in other words, T =0, L = infinity.

After 3-5 years, because of their small ego's , misunderstandings, hope their will be decrease in showing their love. Please note, this the test for love. 
T =5 ; L = infinity of love - 1

There will be two sides, either they got married or got broke-up from love.

For Married people,  the love will be zigzag as their common problems in life will test their sustenance. After a few more years, the love attains constant. 

For the broken hearts, there will be sudden decrease in their love, as they want to forget their love and be with the society. However there will be jerks at sometimes because of their remembrances/memories haunting them, but it maintains the constant, not equal to the same value of those successful people.

There is end for the love, at times, the love is constant but never be zero.
T = K L, where K is a constant.