Thursday, March 13, 2014

Wherever u go, humans are humans...

I am at 1000 of miles at other end of the sea. Actually, I born and grown on the first end of the sea where the respect and importance of relations are huge. Basically I do fear sometimes, when I heard racism on the other end of the sea. That was my fear, when I first land on the other end.

Days and nights are passed on, I feel comfortable to be at the other end. But the debris of fear still have at some of the corners in my body. But luckily till now the wrecked part has not found by the aerial view.

It was a normal day of the other end, the degrees are toggling between the -12 to -18. We almost covered all our skin not to expose this polar bear, otherwise, we know how it gonna leave the scars on our skin.

We have completed the work of the day and on the way to return to home in train. Luckily we got a seat. And all other seats has been filled. The train started his chikubuku sounds in foreign style.

After the third stop, a pregnant lady stepped in with two kids, one in carry and another in the hand- hand. I am just watching her. My mind started to give the instructions how to offer my seat. Before I could do that, a lady near to me, took a chance.

She asked to sit in her seat. She denied smoothly by saying a word 'thank you'. Even this provoked another lady near by to offer her seat, She did the same to her as to the First Lady.

Just in another a couple of minutes, the First Lady stood up and put her hand to offer the seat. The pregnant lady was so determined with the word "no problem". Finally, the First Lady double checked with her and she gave a cute smile without any disappointment.

I just watching this melodrama from past a few minutes. Then I have implied in my notations that humans are humans anywhere. The helping nature, the sensibility are the attributes of the social animal. And that is the only thing makes us the pride and distinguishes from other animals.