Friday, March 7, 2014

A Very Caring Father....!!!

My Prince, open her very little little chweet eyes as very slowly as in a slow motion video of blossom cute flower. A kind of very happy feeling struck in my heart. She is so much much cute. Almost like an angel. This is when she is at a age of 2.

At the age of 5, when she fell down on one day while walking. I couldn't grab her from felling down. So incapable of me. I cuddled her Finally, She cried, I too. I soothe through the very comfortable and unhurt words. I told her as many stories to stop her cry. Even I beat and scolded the ground for making my cutie susceptible to wounds.

At the age of 7, she is very cute with her uncompleted words. She said I want to become "Ringineer" as my dad. Don't be afraid it is Engineer. We laugh loudly but I felt proud of my kid.

At the age of 12, she asked an ice-cream while she heard the ring of the bell. But doctors already warned don't let her to take the ice-creams much. But I couldn't stop myself in buying the ice-cream after seeing her sad smiley curve on her face. I died for that smile.

When she started to distribute the chocolates on her birthday, she asked more and more money to buy the chocolates. I gave her how much she needs. And I felt happy when she asked more and more. I didn't get this kind of feeling even when I got a 10 crores contract.

She completed her graduate. She asked, I want to become Engineer. I let her do as her wish. It is her strong wish, do my wish too. I didn't stop her in any way.

No father should not get this stage. My friends friend inquired about her, he came with a proposal about her marriage. I cried and step out in mid of the conversation. Later for 7 days, my every dream filled with her marriage. But I couldn't do that. How can I send her alone my 24 years daughter and how can I trust the person who is not aware of my child?? I wouldn't let her go away from me.

Finally that day came in my life. I let her go with unknown person of my daughter.

But I am not normal after she went. I couldn't lead my life without my daughter. That affected my health. she came back soon. But she stayed not for more than one day.

Finally father dead after a few months. He couldn't live without her daughter. That is the last sentence he included in his last note.