Wednesday, August 3, 2016

There are no Mr. Perfects? and Miss Perfects?

I do mistakes and we often do mistakes in life, in work. But that doesn't mean we are not skilled and not a potential person.

I want to convey to two things here.

First thing is in life, we do mistakes because we don't know how to deal with the situation, some times it lead to the bad decision. And we learn something from those mistakes and we gain the experience. And if the same situation happens in his or others life, he can handle and guide them the way to the problem.

Second thing in work, we do not think more and often not find the way to come out of the problem in the program 's logic. It is the duty of the mentor to guide them and show the solution, but it should never be spoon feeding. The real thing is we need to kick start some thing, and in the way if we have the problems, we could seek the mentor' s help, but without the even try, one should not reach them, then you will never learn anything.

And the people in the higher level, should understand the fellows, there won't be Mr. Perfects or Miss. Perfects.