Saturday, July 16, 2016

Difference between my job and life

Topic -  Dont mix life and work
Inspired by -  Self

The profession test engineer is cumbersome job, of course, I fall into the same category. Our job is to find the bugs in an application. When one  want to convey the same, he/she should be careful in describing the missing gap against the requirement. As it should not never hurt them, after all it is a bug in the application designed by them, of course it happens, but it doesn't relate to inability (skill) of him. It is only misunderstanding of the requirements.

If this applies to the work life, the same should applies to the people around us too. One should not be finding defects in people. No one is perfect here. In personal life, people will follow their own beliefs and restricted to their own knowledge. And we are no-one to judge about their inability, as we don't know what they have gone through. It is always a good asset in one's in conveying without hurting them. This is the essential skill required in both the personal life and work life.

And we are the real risk finders and true speakerd, as we are the only in the team, who sees the negative side of the project or finds the risks ahead. And one should trust them instead of other teams.