Saturday, July 9, 2016

What is real?

Whatever you sees is not real?  I am telling about the human perception on understanding others.

Some people find interesting things or adore the external things, like men do attract the external beauty, some people attract to the money, but they should understand that these never stay long and these are not real attributes of human. So, the perception we are understanding about others is really bad.

And some others misunderstand the behavior of the people. Whatever we are, come as hereditary assets from our parents and the environment we  have grown. If some one doesn't know the table manners, it will never be his mistake, because he never do it. Instead, we can educate and can turn them to the mannered person instead of having a negative feeling on them.

So, what one should understand the person and analyse the person carefully or else the real thing in him will never to be seen.