Saturday, July 9, 2016

The spread of goodness

I have started my social service since 2009. The first good thing started by joining hands with the "Orangeleaf" NGO. I am amused that this NGO run by the group of small kids which are not yet turned their age of 20. We have a plan to meet at the some orphanage by next month, but my fate thrown me to the Chennai.

Later I joined in the iVolunteer NGO in Chennai in 2012. My first involvement started with the hemophilia patients. I have collected a fine amount of money from my colleagues to fulfill their wishes. I have seen a bunch of happiness in the eyes of mother when I handed the pair of shoes to her child.

Then my present company, Tagit helped to run my own library in office and which helped me to donate the collected amount to NGO's. And it provoked so many of my colleagues to donate heartfully.

But I want to share one thing happened in the last year. That was the Diwali day celebrations in my office. We of team of 12 members won a few of competitions and prized with sum of INR 2000. And one of my team member, Kiran suri suggested that we could use this money for some social service. By the time, I am not fully involved in the social services. But he made a point that "I am the inspiration to get this idea" . I felt happy that the goodness shared has spread and effected some other lives too. Fortunately, that is the amount I used to help my colleagues who stuck during Chennai flood. And it changed my fate too.

Thanks to the Kiran suri. And my Diwali competition team.