Saturday, November 18, 2017

Reusing the Plastic (Covers)

I had made some stuff using the glass, which is art on reusable. Here is the link, if you missed.

Now I made few things with the Plastic.

Reusable 1 : I used to get the eggs in a carry bag from provision shop. Unfortunately, sometimes the eggs fall and breaks. So I thought why not, I could make a Egg holder. This is the paper box inside with racks to hold the eggs.

                                                                    Egg Holder

Every time I replace the kitchen racks with the news papers. And it tears soon. Now I replaces with the large plastic cover bags, which has been cut into the lengthy news paper size to fill the racks.
I have used Sarvana Stores Carry Bags. 

                                                   Plastic Covers can be used for the racks.

If you have different colored plastic bags, you can make these beautiful flowers. Try your combination, its really worth.

                                                                Plastic Flowers

This is my notice board, the pinned one is not the paper, it is the plastic cover.

                                                                   Notice Board

The cooked items used to have the flies all around, this net/mat helps us out much.

                                                                Cooking Vessel Mesh

Please re-use the plastic, the soil fertility has already decreased due to this thin material. In every house hold, we can re-use the plastic.

1. Carry a bag while you go to the shop, to decrease the plastic bags usage.
2. If it is one/ two items, which could carry by hand, please say NO to the plastic covers.

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